Dawn’s inside track: let’s not lose sight of all our hard work to date – part one

It goes without saying that the past weeks have been extraordinary. HR and reward teams up and down the country have been working flat out to ensure their businesses can continue operating, employees are safe, and they understand and action the myriad advice coming from government.

Dawn’s inside track: let’s not lose sight of all our hard work to date – part one

Now that the initial push to get employees working from home, where possible, and the implementation of safety procedures for those who must be in the workplace are under way, it feels like a good time to take stock.

The team at REBA are in a privileged position – by leading our community of reward professionals we get to hear first-hand what your issues and questions are, and we do our best to bring you answers. But one of the things that has struck us the most over the past few weeks is how much you care about your employees, and how important wellbeing is to your businesses.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised – just look at our Employee Wellbeing Award winners and the brilliant initiatives they already had in place before COVID-19 struck. All of their hard work and efforts to protect, promote and encourage the wellbeing of their employees has meant that dealing with this crisis has been a lot easier.

This pandemic has highlighted just how critical employee wellbeing initiatives are. They’ve given employers the tools to help employees nurture their mental health, to communicate regularly, to access online GP services and employee assistance programmes, as well as financial benefits such as wage streaming, credit union loans and other financial wellbeing support. The list of how employers are supporting their staff is long and varied.

And so, we’re very proud of how UK employers have responded to this crisis and you should be too. Don’t lose sight of all your hard work to date – think where you were at the beginning of the year and where you are now.

It hasn’t been easy, and as we go through this period of isolation no doubt new issues and questions will arise, but REBA will be with you every step of the way. Why not join that conversation on rebaLINK or watch our webinar on Friday to get the latest information on how employers are tackling COVID-19.

The author is Dawn Lewis, content editor at REBA.

Look out for part two of this article where I consider what happens when everything returns to normal, and the importance of not losing sight of projects that may now feel like a million years ago.

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