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Rethinking our vision of the future of work

Change is a fundamental part of our lives and our approach to work needs to become more agile,...

Employers lean heavily towards a data-driven approach when it comes to evaluating wellbeing

Evaluation of wellbeing programmes has taken hold, with a huge majority (92%) of employers say...

Data collection, quality and analytics issues are holding back employers’ wellbeing programmes

More employers are evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of their employee wellbeing p...

The scope of workplace wellbeing provision continues to broaden in 2020

The top growth areas in wellbeing provision for 2020 reflect the range of needs employers are ...

Wellbeing strategies widen their reach ­– among employers as well as different workers

The percentage of organisations with a wellbeing strategy in place has more than doubled since...

REBA Employee Wellbeing Research 2020: Wellbeing is evolving to be at the core of workplace culture


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