Is focussing on high employee engagement missing the point?

In the past week two major surveys have identified how many employees are engaged at work.

Both surveys findings are remarkably similar.

Outlook Survey Spring 2015 from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development:

  • 39% of employees are engaged. Up from 35% in 2013.
  • 59% of employees are neutral
  • 3% are disengaged

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Employee engagement: how British business measures up from Red Letter Days for Business:

  • 36% are highly engaged at work
  • 48% are moderately engaged
  • 11% have low engagement
  • 4% not at all engaged

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So we have just three or four percent of employees in this country who are not engaged. That doesn’t sound unreasonable does it? I doubt we will be about to reduce to zero.

Where employers put a lot of effort is on the the 59% who are neutral or have moderate or low engagement.

The Red Letters Day research does point out some simple behaviours in the workplace that show a correlation to high engagement. These include: encouraging the development of staff and listening to their opinions.

Line managers are key to raising employee engagement levels in the UK.

But you knew that, didn't you?

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