Report: Managing a healthy ageing workforce: a national business imperative

This report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is considered to be one of the key reports for HR professionals looking at ageing and its implications in the workplace.

Go to the CIPD website to download the full report: Managing a healthy ageing workforce: a national business imperative

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The CIPD says about the report:

The current economic downturn is camouflaging a number of implications for the UK skills challenge which relate to emerging labour market demographic changes. 

It is predicted that UK employers will need to fill an estimated 13.5 million job vacancies in the next ten years, but only 7 million young people will leave school and college over this period.

Migration alone will not fill this gap - it is important that employers act to safeguard their longer-term economic success by looking at older employees in their existing workforce more openly and creatively.

Based on a year-long research programme driven by the CIPD in collaboration with the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives and NIACE, this important practical guidance and checklist is designed to help employers respond successfully to the talent management challenges and opportunities they will face over the early decades of the twenty-first century.

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