Webinar 28 Jan: Create a robust wellbeing plan: ways to use risk benefits to underpin a strategy built on data and prevention

28/01/2021 10:00 - 11:00

During the pandemic appreciation shot up for risk and health insurances as employees grasped their own vulnerability more fully. This resulted in dynamic and forward-thinking employers to see insurance as not just a tick box, need-to-have, but as a vital foundation on which to build an effective wellbeing and prevention strategy.

We're delighted to host this next 60-minute webinar to hear from three leading employers plus an industry expert about this hot topic and how it integrates within a holistic wellbeing strategy.

The recording of this REBA webinar is available to view, by clicking this link.


Josh Hart

Co-founder & CTO

Debi O'Donovan

Debi O'Donovan

Co-founder & Director

Dave Roberts

Head of Pensions, Benefits and Wellbeing

Laura Jackson

Global Head of Wellbeing & Benefits

In this webinar, our panel of three leading reward directors and a topic expert will explore how to reassess relationships with insurance providers to ensure they are hitting the new tick boxes needed in 2021 and beyond, as well as how to gather robust data from insurers and technology to ensure your wellbeing strategy has a positive impact on both employees and the business.

Key issues to be explored include:
1. Understanding the new risk and health insurance tick boxes for 2021, and how they differ from the old pre-pandemic tick boxes.
2. Criteria that must now be considered to buy the best-fit group insurance and wellbeing services for particular corporate cultures when people are your priority.
3. How employers can use relationships with insurers to gain better value for spend, either working alongside a consultant or broker, or directly with the insurer.
4. Ways in which disruptive tech is changing the risk, health and wellbeing data available and how employers can get the joined-up data they need from their insurer.
5. Beyond the gimmicks: understanding the role Apps play within a wellbeing strategy to both engage employees in their own wellbeing, as well as provide robust analytics and insights to help employers manage workforce health and risk costs.

The speaker panel who will share their perspectives and answer viewer questions as best they can are: 

  • Dave Roberts, Head of Pensions, Benefits and Wellbeing, Virgin Media
  • Josh Hart, Co-Founder & CTO, YuLife
  • Laura Jackson, Global Head of Wellbeing & Benefits, Credit Suisse
  • Chair - Debi O’Donovan, Co-founder & Director, REBA