Research: Aon’s DC pension and financial wellbeing employee research 2021

To explore the reality of defined contribution pension provision and wider financial wellbeing today, Aon and YouGov surveyed over 2,000 employees across a wide range of age groups, incomes and industries.

The resulting report provides an insight into the current financial position and pension planning of the UK’s employees. It is split into five sections exploring a range of key themes, each including a checklist of potential actions:

  1. Pension strategy and long-term objectives
  2. Financial wellbeing
  3. Investing for the right pension outcomes
  4. Communications and engagement
  5. Getting retirement right

Key findings from the research include:

  • 87% of employees are expecting a shortfall in retirement income
  • One in four believe they will never be able to retire
  • Just 37% of employees felt that they were saving enough for their long-term needs
  • Only 15% think their employer offers an above average level of support
  • One in three say there is nothing preventing them from saving more
  • Less than three in 10 people say they now expect to fully retire at ‘retirement age’.