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About REBA

Your Reward and Employee Benefits Association

What is REBA?

REBA is the only dedicated professional networking community for reward and benefits practitioners. Through sharing experience, ideas, data and insight with each other, we support members in their challenges and triumphs in the reward and benefits sector.

We help members to pursue best practice, increase professionalism in the industry and prepare for upcoming changes. We also lobby government on members’ behalf.

Why was REBA founded?

Employee Reward and Benefits is a discipline that often gets overlooked and yet it is key to employee engagement, job satisfaction, and attracting and retaining the best talent. Fairly crucial to successful business operations we think!

Specialist compensation and benefit professionals often work in isolation, in a team of one or just a few people with limited access to industry peers. The aim of REBA is to bring these people together at events, make introductions, distribute information and provide insight through research.

What does REBA do?

  • Host regular conferences and networking events, both face-to-face and virtually through webinars and online platforms
  • Produce benchmarking research, insight and data reports on key reward and benefits themes
  • Create and distribute online content including industry insights into best practice, case studies and thought-leadership
  • Curate an industry-wide research library of reports, government consultations and best-practice guides
  • Deliver focused content through daily emails and social media channels
  • Support professional members with supplier shortlisting and research
  • Offer focused digital networking for professional members through our rebaLINK peer-to-peer forum, where members can also get supplier reviews from their peers