First-time login tip: If you're a REBA Member, you'll need to reset your password the first time you login.

Help and FAQs


  • I think I am a member but I can't login with my email address & password.
    The first time you login on the new website, you will need to reset your password even if you are a member. Go to the Login page and the Reset password option is underneath the email and password fields.
  • I can't recall which email address I originally signed up with.
    In this case, please email [email protected] with your full name and company details and we'll be able to let you know.
  • I can no longer access the email address I signed up with, so I can't receive the verification code I'm being sent to reset my password.
    As above, please email [email protected] with your full name and company details, the email you signed up with and we'll be able to change the login email address for you.
  • I can't verify my email address as I am not receiving the verification code. 
    Please email [email protected] so that we can help you with this. It's likely to be your company firewall that's blocking the emails coming through.
  • I am having problems logging in. What can I do to fix this?
    Please try to refresh the page, or try to login via a different browser. If these tricks don't work, please email [email protected] so that we can help you with this.
  • I work for one of REBA's Associate Members (a supplier in the market). How can I get a login for the website so I can access the reports and the supplier directory?
    Please email [email protected] to enquire about a login for REBA associate member contacts.
  • How do I know if I am a REBA professional member or not?
    If you have previously signed up as a REBA member your details will still be in our system. Try to login with the email address you would have signed up with. If that doesn't work, then please email us at [email protected]
  • I have got a reba.global login but I have come up against an "access denied" error
    There are two types of registration on the REBA website:
    1) There is a simple registration, which is for a reba.global login. This allows you to book webinars and receive REBA's newsletters ONLY. 
    2) There is a professional member registration, which is an application. If you qualify* and your application is consequently approved, this gives you access to a series of member-only benefits. Full details can be found here, but briefly they additionally include rebaLINK, full research reports and the full supplier directory.

    *To qualify you will be responsible for, or involved in, the in-house reward and benefits for your organisation.