Webinar #8: Achieving the right global reward and wellbeing response to the coronavirus pandemic

29/05/2020 11:00 - 12:00


Debi O'Donovan

Debi O'Donovan

Co-founder & Director

Jane Humberstone

Director, Global Reward & Mobility

Adam J. Riley

Director of Global Client Development

Derek Steptoe

Worldwide Compensation & Benefits Director

Claire Yule

President, Reward & Mobility, and P&O Group Functions

Achieving the right global reward and wellbeing response to the coronavirus pandemic

The recording of this REBA webinar is available to listen to, by clicking this link and registering.

  • Keeping your reward strategy up-to-date as governments and populations around the world are affected and respond differently.
  • What to do when pay, bonuses and LTIPs are being affected so differently in different regions.
  • Is a global philosophy, local strategy for pay and employee benefits still possible during a crisis?
  • Supporting your expatriate staff and business travellers during the pandemic.
  • Communicating with and supporting employees’ wellbeing in different countries.
  • How to manage your global and local consultants and providers in a time of crisis.

The speaker panel who will share their perspectives and answer viewer questions as best they can are:

  • Chair - Debi O'Donovan Founder and Director of REBA
  • Jane Humberstone, Director, Global Reward & Mobility at Jaguar Land Rover
  • Derek Steptoe, Worldwide Compensation & Benefits Director at WPP
  • Claire Yule, Group Head Compensation & Benefits at Wood
  • Adam J. Riley, Director of Global Client Development at Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing (HEB&W)

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