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Private event - Adapting financial benefits and retirement strategies

How benefits needs are expected to change over the next five years.

Adapting financial benefits and retirement strategies to attract and retain key skills

At this private, Chatham house-style breakfast discussion REBA will bring together senior Reward and Benefits directors to share; how financial wellbeing support needs to adapt to meet the needs of a growing cohort who will reach retirement with a defined contribution, as opposed to defined benefits, pension. This group are less sure of when they will retire; their assessment of the affordability of retirement being much more sensitive to market volatility that any previous generation. They are also more likely to reach retirement with debt and a range of savings and investments outside of pensions and so will need much more guidance than previous generations to ensure good retirement decisions.

New research shows that in the last few years, retirement behaviours have changed, particularly with the over 55s.
However, many organisations are not aware of these changes and have not adapted their benefits or retirement support to provide the best help and guidance inin the run up to their retirement. Often these older workers are the most senior and/or most experienced talent within an organisation. So being out of sync on benefits aswell as engagement and retention strategies will be costly for organisations.

We will debate and discuss new ideas on

  • Ways to understand future workforce retirement behaviours and prepare for them. 
  • How changes in retirement behaviours can be beneficial to organisations – if planned for. 
  • How HR policies and benefits will need to adapt to support (and promote) beneficial retirement behaviour changes. 
  • Dealing with the dichotomy between older employees costing more versus needing to retain talent. 
  • What to consider when the widening variety of financial savings, investments and debts of the DC generation means retirement is not only about pensions any more. 
  • The role of pension providers in today’s retirement planning landscape and what organisations should be asking of them  
  • The future impact of a pension ‘Pot for Life’ policy – what to bear in mind now. 

Bespoke, anonymised industry benchmarking survey included
Using a bespoke, qualitative survey conducted in advance of the event, REBA Research Director, Aidan Lever. will share the key ideas and solutions leading Reward and Benefits practitioners within the Chemicals, Science & Research, Private Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals sectors are currently considering, allowing attendees to reflect on and challenge their own individual approaches. 

What will happen on the day:
Taking place at the Beaumont Hotel, London on 8th February 2024 9:30-11:30am. 
On the day you will join with a select group of fellow reward practitioners. The group will be presented with the collective results of the pre-event survey before delving into a deep-dive discussion to expand and investigate the findings further.
A fabulous opportunity to exchange knowledge with high-calibre Reward Directors and gain valuable, topical insights and understanding from others.

Jean Slater-Romp, Head of Reward

Eversheds Sutherland

Informative, well-run networking event - what we have come to expect as the standard from REBA.

Eleanor Silverio, UK Benefits Policy Lead

Shell International Limited

It was an incredibly timely and thoughtful session with lots of useful information.

Siobhan Spiro, VP Global Reward

RS Components

Great speakers, topical subjects and great to discuss in person.

Sheneen Harris, Senior Manager, International Compensation & Benefit

Discovery Inc