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Executive incentives, pay and employee share plans: challenges now faced by companies dealing with changing share prices and economic conditions

In this webinar our panel of leading employers accompanied by a subject expert will discuss what challenges companies now face by dealing with changing share prices and economic conditions.


Anna  Fletcher

Anna Fletcher

Group Head of Reward

Debi O'Donovan

Debi O'Donovan

Co-founder & Director , REBA

Helen Baker

Helen Baker

Head of Secretariat

Janet Cooper OBE

Janet Cooper OBE


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Roger Fairhead

Roger Fairhead

Group Reward Director

AB inbev

Executive incentives, pay and employee share plans: challenges now faced by companies dealing with changing share prices and economic conditions

The recording of this REBA webinar is available to view, by clicking this link and registering.

Building on the success of REBA's previous webinars in the crisis series, this latest session will place its focus on the following topics with the help of a fantastic panel of employers and experts:

  • Pressures to reduce pay and incentives for executives and what different companies are doing about it
  • What to do about all employee share plans and LTIPs: continue, stop or change?
  • How and what to communicate what’s happening to pay, executive remuneration, employee bonuses and employee share plans
  • Current challenges, including looking at the practicalities and legalities of getting things done across teams: reward, company secretariat, payroll and finance
  • What lies ahead for executive incentives, employee pay & bonuses and employee share ownership

98% of viewers would recommend REBA's webinars to their peers. They are informative and insightful, and offer a unique benchmarking opportunity for the reward and benefits community. It's an invaluable opportunity to find out what others are doing in the face of all of the challenges that have been thrown up thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

The speaker panel who will share their perspectives and answer viewer questions as best they can are: 

  • Helen Baker, Head of Secretariat, Coca-Cola European Partners
  • Anna Fletcher, Group Head of Reward, Rentokil Initial
  • Roger Fairhead, Group Reward Director, Legal and General
  • Janet Cooper OBE, Partner, Tapestry Compliance
  • Chair - Debi O’Donovan, Co-founder & Director, REBA

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Webinar 29 September 2022 | 10:00 - 11:00 BST

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