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REBA Reward Leaders' Forum 2018

Money in the workplace: re-thinking reward to meet new demands

Reward Leader's Forum: 18 April 2018

The programme themed "Money in the Workplace" addressed how we’re dealing with pay and benefits today, and gave delegates essential insights into future strategic practices that account for business change, increased digitisation, demands of younger workers, an ageing workforce, economic pressures, the war for talent and regulatory change. 

Speaker presentations are available to download - they're attached to the relevant speaker photos below.

Video tutorial: Reward directors from Cisco, HSBC and Ascential on what they'd do differently

Video tutorial: JLT's Andrew Drake on digitising your EVP

Video tutorial: Thomsons' David Dodd on how to create the ultimate benefits ecosystem 

Video tutorial: Mercers' Eve Read and Colin Morris on why traditional retirement needs to change

Video tutorial: Lorica's James Biggs on what a financial wellness strategy should include 

Video tutorial: Close Brothers on how to use communication to inspire a better financial future 

Video tutorial: Wealth Wizards' Phil Blows on the impact of the ageing workforce 

Video tutorial: Curo's Ruth Thomas on harnessing the power of technology in pay and reward

Video tutorial: LCP's Aiden Coloe on developing a financial benefits package for younger staff 

Video tutorial: Shell's Sandra Perlaki on reward and benefits for a multi life-stage workforce

Video tutorial: Laird's Tom Blake on restructuring reward to engage and retain employees

Video tutorial: Guy Opperman MP on how to engage employees with pensions and savings

Money in the workplace: re-thinking reward to meet new demands

Business change, increased digitisation, demands of younger workers, and an ageing workforce, economic pressures, the war for talent, regulatory change: all are leading to employers to rethink what a reward and benefits package needs to look like to appeal to today’s employees and deliver improved business performance.

At their core, reward and benefits packages are about making the most of the money that people earn through work. By taking it back to this level, REBA's 2018 Reward Leaders' Forum plans to delve into each aspect of money via the workplace and examine how it needs to adjust to meet the needs of a 21st century workforce.

Speakers Include:

Adrian Furnham

Adrian Furnham

Professor of Psychology, University College London

Aiden Coloe

Aiden Coloe


Andrew Drake

Andrew Drake

Client Development

Colin Morris

Colin Morris

DC Analyst

Dipa Mistry Kandola

Dipa Mistry Kandola

Head of Flexible Benefits

Eve Read

Eve Read

Consulting Leader

Gareth Whalley

Gareth Whalley

Global Director, Diversity & Inclusion

The Coca Cola Company
Guy Opperman

Guy Opperman

Minister for pensions and financial inclusion

James Biggs

James Biggs

Consulting & Wellbeing Director

Jeanette Makings

Jeanette Makings

Head of Financial Education

Close Brothers 3
Meera Mistry

Meera Mistry

Head of Reward

Peter Robotham

Peter Robotham

Head of Group Employee Benefits Policy

Phil Blows

Phil Blows


Ruth Thomas

Ruth Thomas

Industry Principal

Sandra Perlaki

Sandra Perlaki

UK HR Policy & Benefits Manager

Simon Williams

Simon Williams

Senior Financial Planner

Close Brothers 2
Tom Blake

Tom Blake

Reward Director

Sheila Champion-Smeeth

Sheila Champion-Smeeth

Total Rewards Leader - Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia

Cisco 1
David Dodd

David Dodd

Consulting Director


Make your reward packages more efficient in today's climate.

It's time to re-think reward packages so they appeal to today's employees in today's climate, and deliver improved business performance! The below agenda is shaping nicely. Keep returning to this page for the latest session details as they are published.


08:45 Registration & networking
09:30 Welcome: Debi O’Donovan, REBA

Keynote: Engaging employees with pensions and savings

Guy Opperman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Pensions & Financial Inclusion, Department for Work & Pensions


The Coca-Cola Company: Aligning reward to business strategy and cultural transformation

  • Readying the organisation for major change in reward
  • Redesigning compensation and benefits for a 130-year-old organisation with a new vision for the future
  • Implementing a global listening strategy to gain perspectives from senior leaders, employees, investors and growth companies
  • Positioning compensation for growth
  • Optimising benefits for simplicity, engagement and empowerment

Gareth Whalley, Director of Total Rewards, The Coca-Cola Company


Round table discussion: Re-thinking reward and benefits for a changing workforce
Join round-table discussion groups with your peers to share ideas and solutions for common challenges, including:

  • How to structure a benefits package to help staff onto the housing ladder, hosted Charles Cameron
  • How to help employees develop lifetime savings habits, hosted by Close Brothers
  • Futureproofing your reward & benefits offerings in a time of demographic change, hosted by Curo
  • Pulling your financial wellbeing strategy into your broader wellbeing strategy effectively, hosted by Hymans Robertson
  • Measuring where you’re starting from with wellness so you know how much progress you’ve made, hosted by JLT Employee Benefits
  • Communications which drive highest engagement in benefits, hosted by LCP
  • Using your health and wellbeing package to mitigate work pressures, hosted by Lorica
  • How to pull together an overarching financial wellbeing strategy, hosted by Mercer
  • Alternatives to pensions: what short- and medium- term savings do staff want, hosted by Smarterly
  • The ultimate connection – developing a benefits strategy that treats employees like customers, hosted by Thomson Online Benefits
  • The when, why and how of choosing a financial adviser for your workplace, hosted by Wealth Wizards
11:00 Refreshments & Networking
11:30 A series of 8 break-out sessions enabling a closer focus on particular challenges facing today's heads of reward and benefits. Topics to be covered in two concurrent streams will include:
Stream A Stream B
11.30-11.50 Understanding how the ageing workforce will change attitudes towards retirement and demand changes in workforce planning
Learn from new research covering 500 companies which reveals:
• The gap between aspirational retirement age and realistic retirement age.
• Myth or reality: the effect older workers will have on productivity
• How the ageing workforce impacts the business for each year of delayed retirement
• What steps and tech we can use to tackle the problem and improve financial wellbeing around retirement
Phil Blows, Director from Wealth Wizards
The ultimate connection: how to create a benefits ecosystem for your people to thrive
• Breaking down benefits and wellbeing silos in your reward strategy
• What do your employees really want: finding the moments that matter and using them to create the complete one-on-one connection
• And with this in mind, consumer experience ecosystem: case studies from the field
David Dodd, Consulting Director, Thomsons Online Benefits
11.50-12.10 What does a fully rounded financial wellness strategy include?
• With so many providers and advisers in this fast-growing market, how do you pick the right supplier(s)?
• What to look for from a good financial education provider?
• Is bringing financial advisers in a risk or a remedy for employers?
• Using tax breaks: pensions advice vouchers and other tax-free offerings.
• When is online and robo-advice right for your workforce?
• If using a variety of specialists, how can you ensure they work cohesively?
James Biggs, Consulting & Wellbeing Director, Lorica
Digitising your EVP – embracing the power of technology in the right way
• Doing it the right way to ensure success
• How do you bring people on the journey?
• When do you know if you’re finished?
Andrew Drake, Proposition Director, JLT Employee Benefits
12.10-12.15 Optional change of rooms

Stream C Stream D
12.15-12.35 Cracking the communication conundrum: inspiring employees towards a better financial future
• Communication in today’s world – using the full spectrum of channels, tools and apps to provide inclusive strategies to engage all staff
• Releasing the inertia hand break. The biggest challenge to drive improved financial wellbeing is in getting people to act – here, we show how effective communications can drive action and change.
• Transforming relationships with money. Money isn’t the answer, it’s a tool; financial security comes from showing people the power of planning, the steps they can take and the pitfalls to avoid.
Jeannette Makings, Head of Financial Education & Simon Williams, Financial Planner, Close Brothers
Why it’s time to retire the traditional approach to retirement: and how employers can create a more proactive strategy
• Learn from the “Healthy, Wealthy & Workwise” research as to why employers need to rethink their approach to their financial benefits strategies - including a personal perspective from a Gen Y speaker
• How your organisation’s approach to retirement needs to integrate with your overall benefits strategy to be effective
• Getting your board to understand the ROI on, and the employer's obligation to provide, a refreshed retirement strategy
• Putting in place the right financial wellness programme to suit all your employees regardless of their pay and level
• Understanding the impact of the pensions gender gap, and how to reduce it in your organisation
Eve Read, Consulting Leader and Colin Morris, DC Analyst from Mercer
12.35-12.55 Harnessing the power of technology to improve your pay and compensation
• How to leverage technology to drive optimising compensation spend rather than just achieving operational efficiency
• How technology can help improve your reward governance
• How BI and Analytics can help you fulfil your role as evidence-based business enablers
• How to get ready for real time reward
Ruth Thomas, Senior Consultant, Curo
Developing a financial benefits package that will appeal to younger staff
• How to identify which financial benefits to include to appeal to younger generations.
• Which benefits work for those paying off student debt and/or trying to save their first house.
• Options for short, medium and long terms savings in the workplace: ISAs, LISAs, share schemes, cash savings and pensions.
• Getting the message right to engage younger staff with their finances.
Dipa Mistry, Head of Flexible Benefit Services & Aiden Cole, Partner
Lane Clark & Peacock LLP

12:55 Lunch

Keynote: Understanding the real motivators in the new world of work

  • Why money in the workplace is not a motivator but a satisfier
  • The new employer-employee contract: moving on from the paternalistic relationship to one of choices and flexibility
  • What will become more important in terms of reward and motivation in tomorrow's workplace?

Professor Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology


Round-table discussions: Addressing key complexities when managing pay and bonuses in a complex reward environment
Join round-table discussion groups with your peers to share ideas and solutions for common challenges, including: 

  • What next after gender pay reporting: long term solutions to problems unearthed
  • Total reward statements: what works, what doesn’t
  • Keeping pay pressures under control
  • Dealing with the thorny issue of bonuses during maternity pay, sick leave and so on
  • Latest developments on variable pay: what is good current practice
15:15 Refreshments & Networking

LAIRD: Managing business change - restructuring reward to engage employees and retain talent

  • Understanding the role of reward in the people management process during a time of change
  • Managing the challenge of re-framing reward expectations
  • It’s never just about the money: how much can you personalise your approach to compensation and benefits to keep key people

Tom Blake, Group Head of Reward & Global HR Director, Laird 


SHELL UK: Reviewing reward and benefits strategy to meet the needs of a multi life-stage workforce

• Using data analytics and focus groups to work out what engages employees, and what is failing to engage
• Reviewing the reward offering against key business criteria and cost of delivery
• Avoiding the danger of over-complication when working to provide a flexible reward strategy

Sandra Perlaki, UK Policy, Benefits & Services Manager, Shell International


What we’d do differently tomorrow
Three leading Reward Directors share what they have learned from the day’s
session – what will you do differently tomorrow?

Meera Mistry, Head of Reward, Ascential; Sheila Champion-Smeeth, Total Rewards Consultant EMEAR, Cisco and Peter Robotham, Head of Group Employee Benefits Policy, HSBC

16:30 Close

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