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26 May 2022
by David Watts

How advances in employee recognition technology are improving workplace culture

Technologies that make it easier to recognise staff work and achievements have a crucial role to play

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Bringing people together and keeping them connected to each other socially and emotionally is one of the biggest challenges of 2022. And the impact of achieving this can’t be underestimated, with an organisation 12 times more likely to thrive when its employees feel connected.

Technologies that make it easier to recognise staff work and achievements have a crucial role to play, with more and more organisations using them to nurture a culture of belonging and togetherness.

An increasing wave of support for recognition technologies

The past 10 years has seen a dramatic rise in new technologies that are allowing people to work in more efficient and powerful ways, including collaborative technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and recognition and reward solutions.

This rise has been, in part, due to employees supporting new technologies, with 77% feeling that, when implemented correctly, they will improve their overall working life. In fact, of the organisations that have already implemented new technologies across all parts of their business, 82% report that feedback from staff has been positive.

Recognition technologies are also seeing increasing demand, with previously manual and ineffective recognition schemes now replaced by platform-based solutions.

It’s hardly surprising that recognition technology is seeing an upsurge, as a recognition software platform that’s immediate, simple to use, and easy to access is vital for integrating employee recognition into organisational culture. 

Recognition technology bring people together

Recognition that’s part of the natural flow of work and given in a timely manner has the greatest impact. And allowing quick and easy recognition is vital for nurturing workplace connections, connecting employees to each other, their leaders and organisational purpose.

For example, peer-to-peer recognition is hugely effective at strengthening team connections, with an above-average connection between team members 11 times more likely when teams celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries together.

Plus, by showing regular, tailored and sincere recognition, leaders form closer connections with their team members, with employees 25 times more likely to have an above-average connection with leaders when the company has an effective recognition programme in place.

Recognition platforms can even have smart features that ensure recognition moments are personalised for maximum impact. For instance, AI is used in O.C. Tanner’s recognition platform to determine contributors to an employee Year Book, which celebrates a staff  member’s career anniversary. The AI works out who the person being celebrated has interacted with the most and invites them to contribute comments and photos to the book. The result is a personal record of achievements, special memories and friendships, helping the recipient feel a valued member of the team.

Providing organisation-wide recognition that’s effective and equitable is simply unmanageable without the right technologies in place.

Integration with working life is key

However, simply using technologies in isolation won’t bring people together. It’s vital that they’re integrated into day-to-day working life to ensure inclusivity and ease of access. As it stands, nearly half of employees say the recognition method they use at work feels outdated, and a similar number says their recognition programme feels stale and disconnected from what’s important to the organisation.

When recognition technologies becomes well integrated with the culture, employee engagement increases five-fold and personal, meaningful, genuine recognition experiences are made possible, deepening workplace connections.

Insights taken from O.C. Tanner’s Global Culture Report

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