The REBA Innovation Day 2018

Embracing technology & data analytics for the future workforce

22/11/2018 09:00 - 16:30 etc. venues County hall
2018-11-22 09:00:002018-11-22 16:30:00Europe/LondonThe REBA Innovation Day 2018We're seeing tremendous innovation in our sector due to technology and data - an array of new reward and benefits products are coming to market driven by new technologies and an increasingly sophisticated use of data and insight.Innovation Day will enable senior reward and benefits practitioners to discover more about these developments through employer case studies and presentations from industry leaders.Complimentary places at this event are available exclusively for senior reward, benefits and HR practitioners with strategic and purchasing responsibility in organisations of 500+ UK-based staff. There will be strictly no vendors or intermediaries permitted. To enquire about receiving a promotional code, if you're a senior HR or reward practitioner, please email us. etc. venues County

REBA Innovation Day - why you should attend:

Sarah Bissell, HR Director at The Hyde Group tell us in the above clip why the REBA Innovation Day is an essential event in her calendar...

Plus Fionnuala Feighan, Director Benefits - EMEA at CA Technologies explains in her own words what value the sponsors bring to REBA events...

Take a look at the Innovation Day highlights reel for more of what to expect at our fourth annual Innovation Day on 22 November 2018.

Embracing technology & data analytics for the future workforce

We're seeing tremendous innovation in our sector due to technology and data - an array of new reward and benefits products are coming to market driven by new technologies and an increasingly sophisticated use of data and insight.

Innovation Day will enable senior reward and benefits practitioners to discover more about these developments through employer case studies and presentations from industry leaders.

Complimentary places at this event are available exclusively for senior reward, benefits and HR practitioners with strategic and purchasing responsibility in organisations of 500+ UK-based staff. There will be strictly no vendors or intermediaries permitted. 

To enquire about receiving a promotional code, if you're a senior HR or reward practitioner, please email us

Speakers include:

Ishbel Inkster

Ishbel Inkster

HR Leader Compensation & Benefits

Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson

Author of ‘We Do Things Differently’, expert on global trends and innovation

John Ingham

Author of ‘The Social Organization’; people strategist

Tim Goodchild

Tim Goodchild

Benefits Manager – International

Julien Lesaicherre

Director - Workplace

Matt Waller

Matt Macri-Waller

Founder & CEO

Jon Bryant

Jon Bryant

Head of London’s Consultancy Practise

Jonathan Day-Miller

Director - Enterprise Consulting

Alistair Dornan

Alistair Dornan

Head of Health Management

Phil Hollingdale

Phil Hollingdale


Steven Morris

Key Account Director

Dr. Nick Taylor

Dr. Nick Taylor

Clinical Psychologist & CEO

David Walker

David Walker


Denise Willett

Senior Director

Mike Minett


David Pepper

Head of UK and Banking Europe

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Hear how technology innovation is changing working practices and setting new challenges for HR & reward professionals. The REBA Innovation Day examines these changes and delivers new insight and new solutions that are available now and looks forward to what's coming on the near horizon.

Outline Programme: more details coming soon


Registration and mix ‘n' mingle breakfast + Demonstration Previews


Chair's welcome and introduction

Debi O’Donovan, Director, Reward & Employee Benefits Association


Opening keynote address: The future of the workplace and what do we about it?
• The big picture - why everything is broken and how to fix it
• The real reason there is an employee engagement crisis - what should HR do about it?
• Why benefits for your staff will really need value in the future - looking at work culture differently
• Why a future literate HR department is essential...the interface with the Board
Mark Stevenson, Reluctant Futurist, Author of ‘We Do Things Differently’, broadcaster and expert on global trends and innovation, advisor to Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge; and resident futurist at The National Theatre of Scotland.


Practitioner case study: Performance 2020 - reward innovation in action at Baker Hughes
This session will explore the use of technology and performance coupled with company culture, to drive benefits and HR within an organisation, which has led to great results being seen.
• Using tech to make compensation more real-time vs annual reviews
• What are the business drivers to track company culture via the platform?
• Real-time performance development and insight: flexible rewards and performance development vs just performance management?
Ishbel Inkster,
 HR Leaders Compensation & Benefits, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; global strategic HR leader focusing on total rewards and executive compensation


Speakers' panel: Q&A
An opportunity for delegates to quiz our morning speakers


Networking and refreshment break


Live demo trail: see the latest new platforms, apps and tech solutions
Discover first-hand what’s new and innovative in the world of reward tech; demonstrated live by over 25 innovative solutions providers. Benchmark your current platforms and solutions, and compare the available options in this new technology “show and tell” experience.


Pick and mix sessions presented by industry leaders:
Pick the topics most relevant for you and your current strategic and tactical HR and reward challenges.
Sessions include:

Disruptor briefing: How technology and AI will contribute to mental health at work: revolutionising workplace management and culture
Dr. Nick Taylor, Clinical Psychologist & CEO, Unmind

Disruptor briefing: Engaging freelancers and gig workers with innovative new benefits provision
Mike Minett, Founder, Portabl

Engaging the next generation: reward and benefits tech for the future workforce
It's increasingly hard to engage the next generation workforce - discover how technology can help you engage the unengageable.
• Working out what digital-first at your organisation means in terms of your HR, reward and benefits strategy
• How to drive a digital-first workplace culture using new benefits technology, data and insights
• How to use tech-enabled reward and benefits to understand and manage costs and ROI on your digital-first strategy
• The important role of user experience and personalisation
David Walker, Chief Commercial Officer, Personal Group

The mobile, flexible workforce: the end of the traditional employee
• Why the changing shape of the workforce affects us all - a revolution is happening under our feet
• What is the data really showing us - a look at the megatrends of our time
• Popular reactions - the stock response and why is this a sticking plaster?
• Why we should all be thinking like Uber and Deliveroo, they are living the future now
• Ways to engage in a fast-changing digital world
Jon Bryant,
Director - Online & Communications, Aon

How to capitalise on new fintech Apps and platforms to help staff manage money better
• What is the direction of travel for banking, savings and loans Apps - and what can employers learn from these developments?
• How can employers use consumer fintech Apps within workplace savings strategies
• Ways to use new fintech to reach the financially illiterate or struggling
• What are the fintech bells and whistles you can offer to your financially engaged staff?
Tom McPhail, Head of Policy, Hargreaves Lansdown

Using technology to pull together a financial wellbeing strategy that integrates with your wider reward strategy
• Building an integrated financial wellbeing strategy using available technology - pulling the pieces together
• How to use the data and MI provided by fintech to support your reward and benefits strategy
• Understanding the impact of financial wellbeing on reward and compensation packages across different employee cohorts
• The importance of understanding the user journey and experience
Speaker: Expert from Likeminds brought to you by Hymans Robertson

The changing employee health journey: navigating the new digital wellbeing and healthcare landscape
• Mapping integrated digital and benefits solutions to ensure the most effective clinical outcomes
• How an increasingly complex array of clinical and benefits options is leading to new signposting and guidance methods from a care perspective
• Understanding the risk and governance issues facing the reward team
• Getting clinical input for both a preventative and care perspective
Expert from Willis Towers Watson

Digital disruption in workplace savings
What you need to know about technology and AI advances that will allow employers to design wider workplace savings options to meet the needs of employees
• Why alternative savings products are needed
• How robo-investing is broadening savings options for employees
• The importance of personalisation and engagement to drive employees to action
• Why technology innovation is needed in the workplace
Phil Hollingdale, Co-founder, Smarterly

Don’t get left behind: the global benefits revolution!
• How to deliver a consistent global experience with the flexibility to meet local requirements
• How to meet multiple requirements - providing clarity on spend and time to focus on value-added strategic work
• Why cementing your data capabilities is critical to ensure you don’t get left behind
Jonathan Day-Miller, Director - Enterprise Consulting, Thomsons Online Benefits

Digital wellbeing: using AI to identify workplace wellbeing issues before they become a problem
• How data and AI can be used to identify future wellbeing trends in your workforce
• The pros and cons of AI, tracking and gathering data on your employees
• Privacy implications - the legal and ethical dilemma, how far can you go?
• The solutions - what can technology do to identify and solve wellbeing issues
Matt Macri-Waller, Founder & CEO, Benefex

Using the latest advances in technology to support an ageing workforce
• How to use platforms, Apps and workplace data to keep track of changing workforce needs
• How to guide staff to new Apps to help them with changing needs as they age (carers, physical health and wellbeing)
• Using crowdsourced, insurer-provided and/or national data to predict the changing wellbeing needs of your employees
• What upcoming medical tech innovations can employers expect?
• The importance of lifelong learning for an ageing workforce - how digital platforms could be the answer
Yvonne Sonsino, Partner & Innovation Leader, Mercer

Machine v human: enabling an authentic workforce for improved productivity and engagement
• Can employees still be their authentic selves in a digitally driven workplace?
• How do you use technology to create genuine workforce engagement and what are its limits?
• How you measure performance linked to reward: how can technology help and what metrics do you use?
• Human intervention: essential or recipe for disaster? How to keep the human touch as part of your company culture
Alistair Dornan, Head of Health Management, Capita Employee Solutions

New world order: how the new social media and digital environments is shifting employee attitudes to money
• Digital personas: consumer pressure in a social media world
• The vastly different financial landscape for those entering the workforce today
• Using data to understand the different financial fitness levels across your workforce and how these impact on your HR and reward strategies
• Drawing on your financial fitness analytics to reframe your strategy in the language of your CFO and board
Speaker: Expert from Salary Finance

The employee talent lifecycle: using tech and AI as a key driver of your motivation strategy
• Attracting talent and retaining it for longer - how, will and can tech help do that vs human efforts?
• Understanding what to use when: from recruitment to onboarding, to promoting, to end-of-position engagement
• Maximising the user experience to enhance engagement at each stage
• Using your AI to offer the most appropriate recognition schemes and motivation perks
Denise Willett, Senior Director, Achievers EMEA

Social motivation: how workplace community and interaction is changing recognition and benefits schemes
• Are we in a new era of employee-driven rewards?
• How the societal shift to online communities is changing how reward is communicated and managed
• How to capitalise on workplace communities, online interactions and gamification to enhance your motivation schemes
• How do you make the business case for increased digitisation?
Steven Morris, Board Director, Edenred

Using technology innovatively to incentivise employees: meet the changing needs of the workplace
• Identifying the changing needs of different cohorts of staff
• Is personalisation the only answer or can segmentation still work?
• Ensuring your incentive programme is backed up by an aligned technology platform - do I need an App?
• How to set up your platform to capture the incentivisation data you need - to create successful rolling programmes that truly motivate
David Pepper, Head of Sales UK and Banking Europe, Beqom


Networking & refreshment break


Horizon scanning: Digital HR - workforce, organisation and technology-based changes driving reward today
Understand how to use technology and analytics to underpin a strategic transformation of reward within your own company. Through years of specialising in digital HR strategies with the likes of Lloyds Banking Group, Rabobank and Transport for London, John will translate the macro shifts and big picture into relatable every day working practices.

Reviewing how technology is driving change in managing, measuring and organising people - how all of these changes then drive innovation in reward
• Identifying the new opportunities for rewarding differently, along with their main risks and benefits
• Selecting a way forward based on an individual organisation’s own, unique capabilities and principles
• Using analytics and experiments to guide and optimise the changes
John Ingham, Author of ‘The Social Organization’; people strategist focusing on digital HR and the future of work - voted one of the top HR thinkers in the UK and expert in translating big picture predictions into everyday working practice in HR & reward


Practitioner chat: When the robots rule - how automation, robotics, AI and digital advances are impacting reward and benefits
Senior reward and benefits professionals discuss how some of the automation, robotics, digital, data innovations their organisations are developing are reshaping our world and therefore what this could mean for HR and reward.
• Community, connectivity and collaboration ¬- how we work is changing
• How where you work and how you connect is changing
Confirmed panellists:
Tim Goodchild, Benefits Manager – International, Oath, a Verizon Company
Julien Lesaicherre,
Director - Workplace, Facebook EMEA


Closing remarks

17:00 - 17:45

Networking drinks reception: Opportunity to reflect on the day with fellow delegates


etc.venues County Hall, City of London

etc.venues County Hall, City of London
Riverside Building,
Belvedere Road