Report: Motivating the Millennials

In a few years, millennials will make up more than half of the workforce. Edenred’s report outlines what they want and expect from an employer, as well as how to motivate and get the best results from this generation.

Key Findings:

  • Millennials want job security. Employers should want them to stay out of loyalty and because they believe they have something to offer the business.
  • This generation values a work-life balance. They should be given the flexibility to perform in a way that optimises their skills.
  • They care about their community. By promoting CSR activities and opportunities to be involved with ‘good causes’, they are given a sense of influence and empowerment.
  • Millennials need direction and feedback. They appreciate one-on-one time with managers, which helps them to feel motivated and engaged.
  • Reward and recognition schemes are a key motivator for this generation. Employers should think creatively about reward strategies and shift the focus from cash bonuses.