Report: Why addressing ethical questions in AI will benefit organisations

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being touted as the next big advancement in organisations’ approach to HR and reward, joining a growing stack of reports aiming to get under the skin of it comes new paper – ‘Why addressing ethical questions in AI will benefit organisations – from the Capgemini Research Institute.

With a remit to look at how people view ethics, the transparency of their AI-enabled interactions, and what organisations are doing to allay their concerns, the report finds a significant 62% said they would place higher trust in a company whose AI interactions they perceived as ethical.

It finds the elements that most worry executives include collection of personal patient data without consent in healthcare, and over-reliance on machine-led decisions.

As a result, it reveals 51% of executives consider it ‘important’ to ensure AI systems are both ethical and transparent.

 It also finds:

  • 41% of executives abandoned AI systems altogether when ethical questions were raised
  • 55% of executives have implemented a ‘watered-down’ version of an AI system in response to ethical issues needing attention