The Reward and Employee Benefits Association aims to be the the aggregator of all relevant reports produced by ourselves, our Associate Members or independent bodies.

REBA research: REBA conducts indepth reports into both technical and high level issues. These are free for REBA Professional Members to download. Professional Members need to be logged in to access the reports.

Third party research: We provide a short description of each report with a link to where the original document is held online.

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Report: Educate and engage

Capita’s latest report from its employee insight series tackles two key issues: How do e...

Government Paper: Low Pay Commission consultation 2017

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) is seeking evidence of the impact of the most recent increases to...

Research: Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality: prospective cohort study

Cycling to work can cut the risk of developing heart disease or cancer by more than 40 per cen...

Report: Group Watch 2017

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Report: Financial Well-being in the Workplace: A Way Forward

This report, from the Financial Advice Working Group, sets out how it thinks it can help emplo...

Report: The Living Wage Employer Experience

This report examines the experience of accredited Living Wage employers. It outlines the motiv...


Survey: Tell us about your wellbeing strategies

Help us to find out why and how wellbeing strategies are being rolled out at UK organisations.

This is a fast moving area, so this will allow participants to see what is truly happening now and what the trends are in the next year or so.

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REBA/Punter Southall Health & Protection Employee Wellbeing Research 2017