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06 Oct 2022

3 ‘whys’ for a perfect step challenge

A step challenge could be just thing to bring your organisation together

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Step challenges are an excellent way to motivate anyone to take more steps. In an intercompany step challenge, companies in different sectors (even countries) compete against each other in a friendly rivalry for a good cause. When you add a meaningful purpose and mix in some fun, intercompany step challenges check off all these wellbeing boxes: physical, spiritual, social and occupational. 

An inter-company step challenge is a great way to boost a company’s team spirit. When they compete against other companies, employees unite in a common purpose that will improve their engagement with each other and the business. Not surprisingly, this will reflect on their success at work too. 

Here are some tips for a perfect step challenge:

1. Why not record your employees’ step counts in an old-fashioned excel sheet?

Spare yourself extra work for you and your employees and use that time for something more productive. 

2. Why record step challenges through an app?

Using an app makes it easier as everything works automatically. Nobody needs to share their screenshots etc. Leader tables can be done instantly.

3. Why combine a step challenge with a volunteering project?

Volunteering boosts employee motivation and makes them feel good. They can enhance their mental and physical health through a step challenge and have fun at the same time.

Here is proof: A study published by Sheffield Hallam University asked 60,000+ park run participants why they had joined and the perceived impacts on their mental and physical health. The participants fell into three categories:

  • Volunteers who did not run or walk
  • Runners/walkers who volunteered
  • Runners/walkers who did not volunteer. 

The researchers found that people who volunteered but did not run nonetheless experienced health benefits. The simple act of volunteering can make a person healthier and happier.

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