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Global Financial Wellbeing Report 2022

Can we connect? How financial empowerment can save the employer-employee connection

Global instability has caused distrust in financial institutions and disconnect between employers and employees – the world of work is at tipping point and due to the cost of living crisis financial anxiety is rapidly increasing.
But there is hope, financial empowerment can save the employer-employee connection.

Nudge’s ground-breaking research uncovers that by supporting employees' financial wellbeing with financial education, employers can improve retention, engagement and ultimately, their organisation's bottom line.
Download the report to discover how:

  • employers can build connections with their employees through financial education, no matter age or salary bracket
  • diverse, well communicated, financial benefits can help your people achieve their life goals
  • financially empowered employees increases commitment and reduces turnover.

It's time to re-connect and empower your people with financial education.

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