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Working Families Index 2022

Based on a survey of 2,806 parents and carers in late 2021, the Working Families Index 2022 from Working Families, examines finances, working arrangements, managing and sharing childcare, and personal wellbeing – and tracks their development over time.  

The Index offers new insight into the effect of the societal impact of Covid-19 on working families. Most notably, it highlights the impact of the pandemic on family finances and access to flexible work. Compared with survey findings from just two years ago, significantly more parents report finding it financially harder to raise a family. This is now a clear trend.  

Key findings

  • Covid-19 has had a clear negative impact financial security. Younger families, single parents, and lower earners have been hardest hit financially. 
  • There has been a 15% increase in the number of parents who work flexibly: 70% versus 55% in the research from 2019. This change has been driven largely by the pandemic.  
  • For our society’s keyworkers – doctors, nurses, teachers, nursery workers, those who keep shops open and work in vital trades – working at home is less of an option. True flexibility has never been just about ‘homeworking’, flexible working can and must work for everyone, not just a few.  

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