Epoq’s aim is the make the law easy. Our online legal document and advice service, Legal for Life, gives employees the means to deal with a wide range of legal matters conveniently at a time that suits them.

From making a will or power of attorney, to disputing a parking ticket or complaining to noisy neighbour, Legal for Life empowers employees to stand up for their rights and protect their interests.

Available on a self-service basis, Legal for Life includes an extensive range of jargon-free law guides, hundreds of interactive document and letter templates, plus legal experts on hand for advice over the phone.

For employers, Legal for Life offers an enhancement to existing wellbeing programmes and enables more relevant engagement with employees needing help with many of the legal issues that arise throughout their lives.

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Legal for Life

Legal for Life is an online legal document and advice service, designed to enable employees to deal with a range of legal matters conveniently and easily at a time that suits them. The service includes jargon-free guides to consumer laws and regulations, plus an extensive range of easy-to-customise legal documents and letter templates. In addition, lawyers are on hand for expert advice over the phone 24/7.

Through Legal for Life, employees can:

  • Write a Will
  • Create a power of attorney
  • Dispute a parking fine
  • Create a contract with a builder
  • Complain to a noisy neighbour
  • Claim compensation for poor service

Plus, deal with many other legal matters - all from the comfort of their own homes.

Download our factsheet or see how it works here.

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