Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) Network is the strategic unit of global insurer Generali dedicated to providing employers with solutions to protect and enhance the wellbeing of their workforce: from Life, Accident and Disability coverage, to Assistance, Medical and Wellness programmes.
GEB is now the world’s leading employee benefits network, serving multinational companies in over 100 countries.

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One-stop-shop to protect your workforce worldwide: GEB delivers top quality, locally admitted solutions across our Network, with the capability of consolidating local contracts within international programmes — such as Multinational Pooling and Reinsurance to Captive — to foster global coordination and insight. Our range of international programs includes:

  • Multinational Pooling: standalone and multi-employer pool

Multinational pooling combines the local group insurance policies of a multinational’s subsidiaries around the world. By “pooling” employee benefits into a single account, companies can balance potential losses in some countries with the positive experience in others. By adopting a globally coordinated approach to their benefits plans, companies can leverage economy of scale and achieve: improved servicing and negotiation on terms and conditions, enhanced visibility and coordination, potential for financial returns at the end of each year.

The advantages of pooling have been made available also to Small and Medium-sized companies with operations in more than one country, that can today enter a Multi-employer pool, with several companies participating in a pooling arrangement.

  • Global Underwriting Programme

GEB was the first Network to develop a brand new funding method for international employee benefit plans. This unique approach called Global Underwriting Programme (GUP) is ideal for clients that have outgrown the traditional pooling concept but are not quite ready to implement a captive programme. Where pooling offers an opportunity to optimise the financial and information flow of international employee benefit plans on a retroactive basis, GUP allows for a proactive funding strategy. This encompasses not only upfront pricing optimisation across the entire programme but also enhanced terms & conditions negotiated centrally.

  • Reinsurance to Captive

Generali is the world leader in today’s employee benefits captive market, and has consistently maintained its competitive advantage over recent decades. World-class underwriting, servicing and reporting skills make GEB the provider of choice for the vast majority of multinational corporations using their captives for Employee Benefits programs. 

  • Expatriate Solutions

Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) offers a full range of cross-border employee benefit solutions, ranging from life insurance via income protection, accidental and travel insurance, to pension and worldwide healthcare plans for the whole family.

With over 50 years’ experience in the international employee benefits market, GEB

can offer mobile employees the security and protection of a truly global insurer with a strong local presence, moving with them as they travel and/or relocate for business around the world.


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