Generali Global Health provides international private health insurance to globally mobile people, from SMEs to multinational companies.

Through their worldwide network of customer service centres, medical professionals and facilities, Generali Global Health gives their members access to the best healthcare services in the world.

Generali Global Health is a specialist division of Generali – one of the largest and best-known global insurance groups, with a reputation for protecting people and businesses since 1831. Generali operates in over 120 countries worldwide, providing insurance and assistance for both individuals and groups. Generali also has the biggest worldwide employee benefits footprint of any major insurer.

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Global Choice is Generali Global Health’s flagship international health insurance plan. Designed for internationally mobile people across the globe, it is one of the most flexible plans available on the market today. Built to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, the modular design gives you the flexibility to choose from a range of major medical benefits, out-patient benefits and specialist cover options, including wellness, fertility, maternity, vision and dental cover.

This ability to tailor your plan means you can choose the protection you need, and save money on the cover you don’t. You can even segment your workforce into groups of three or more employees, to tailor the cover you offer according to their individual needs and assignments.

Not only is Global Choice one of the most cost-effective plans available, Generali Global Health has also introduced a simplified rating approach which gives you a single adult and child price, making your budgeting simpler.

And with their worldwide network of high quality healthcare facilities, alongside their world-class member services, Global Choice can protect your business, no matter where you are in the world.

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