LifeWorks - Engagement that employees love. We place the employee at the heart, helping companies drive meaningful experiences that make employees worldwide feel loved.

Our technology and service is made possible by 400+ passionate team members who champion this mission on a daily basis.

Driven by the passion to positively impact the lives of our 15+ million users, we deliver an innovative engagement and wellness platform backed up by a purpose driven staff of counselors and coaches. Changing how companies think about employee engagement, we believe that a better company starts with a better you.

LifeWorks seamlessly brings together the functions of EAP, Wellness, Perks & Discounts, Social Recognition, and a Private Social Network with a user experience that drives high repetitive daily usage.Customers choose us for our innovative technology and services, but employees love LifeWorks for the difference we make in their everyday lives.

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SW11 3BZ
United Kingdom


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