Could free mortgage advice be the key to addressing financial wellness in uncertain times?

As the Brexit negotiations continue the lack of clarity over its possible implications to trade, employment and people’s everyday lives, continues to confuse and worry. With doom and gloom headlines often dominating the press, it’s no surprise that employees across the UK are nervous about the future and the possible repercussions that Brexit may have on their finances.

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For employers, this means a more urgent need than ever to embrace financial wellness as a key pillar of the wellbeing strategy within their organisations – exploring all options to help staff better manage their financial stresses, reducing distraction and increasing productivity as a result. 

What is the value of mortgage advice? 
With the cost of housing one of the biggest financial commitments that employees will ever make, providing them with better education and advice around mortgages can be a key weapon in your financial wellness armoury. 

Such advice is valuable to a wide range of staff; from first time buyers looking to get on the property ladder, existing homeowners who need to remortgage, landlords operating in the buy to let market or those coming up to retirement who are worrying about savings and pension values, or how they can assist younger family members to get on the property ladder. All will have concerns that a mortgage review could help allay.  

How can a mortgage review save employees hundreds of pounds each month? 
For those who are worried about tightening finances a mortgage review can help them better plan their finances and can also help to release some much needed cash. Some employees will have unwittingly slipped from a fixed rate on to the lender’s standard variable rate, which is often a lot higher. In such cases, a mortgage review could identify new fixed rate mortgage deals for them that could literally save them hundreds of pounds a month – releasing valuable cash for their monthly budgeting in uncertain times.

How can mortgage advice support all employees? 
A mortgage review could benefit everyone, not just those who may be looking to keep a tighter grip on spending on a monthly basis. Expert advice can also be given to help existing homeowners release equity – perhaps parents wanting to help fund major outlays for their children such as university or weddings, older homeowners looking to release equity to better manage their retirement, or simply more experienced investors looking to get the most for their money.

How can Charles Cameron & Associates help – for free?
Mortgage advisers and financial education provider Charles Cameron & Associates offers free in-house mortgage advice for employees of more than 150 blue chip companies across the UK, with clients ranging from global law firms to technology giants. The advice generally takes place in face to face, individual 30 minute meetings in an employer’s office. 

The meetings are promoted by the client’s HR or benefits department and interested staff are able to book on to the sessions in order to discuss their requirements. Video meetings are also available on any date and time to suit. The mortgage service also includes seminars, workshops and benefit fair attendance, all offered completely free of charge to both the employer and the employee. 

The value of such advice comes not only from the peace of mind it can offer but also the fact that because of the scale at which it’s offered the advice is free – Charles Cameron & Associates, like any mortgage broker, is paid a commission from the lender but as an added benefit for their corporate clients, they waive all broker fees for employees as well as their friends and family. 

The company, which is directly authorised by the FCA, offers completely independent, whole of market advice and often receives access to preferential rates unavailable to clients directly from the high street, meaning that Charles Cameron & Associates can ensure everyone, no matter what life stage, is given the most suitable advice for their very individual circumstance.

The added benefit is opening up the conversation about other benefits too
Finally not only can the mortgage meeting help to allay worries about large expenses but it can also open up the discussion for other benefits too – such as the need for life insurance or critical illness insurance – ensuring that employees really are able to begin to make more sense of their whole financial wellbeing, whether or not they can make sense of Brexit. 

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