Video: why data audits are a crucial first step towards a personalised wellbeing strategy

Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Jeanette Makings, head of financial education at Close Brothers, explain why personalisation is so important in a wellbeing strategy - and how to introduce it.

“One way to get at [personalisation] is to look at the organisation and find out what people mean by wellbeing," says Sir Cary. He adds that tools such as psychometric evaluations, filled in anonymously, can help organisations to build a picture of what's important to different groups of employees. "You can then say how people in each part of the business define wellbeing. A lot of organisations are doing a wellbeing audit... to find out what personalised and organisation-wide actions they could take." 

"There are some principles that hold true [for all employees]," says Jeanette Makings. "The best messages are relevant, clear and delivered at the right time.  I thiink personalisation is about understanding the workforce, then putting the right benefits and opportunities in front of them so that they can have the choice.  No two people are identical, and they certainly don’t have identical personal finances."

Watch the video to find out more about Sir Cary and Jeanette's views on how to personalise wellbeing strategies. They will also be speaking at REBA's Employee Wellbeing Congress on 20 June. 

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