Video tutorial: Matt Macri-Waller & Gethin Nadin of Benefex on how AI is changing wellbeing

Wellbeing programmes need to be about more than just strategy and have something more that drives people to engage with it, according to Gethin Nadin, director of wellbeing at Benefex. “If you build wellbeing people probably won’t come to it,” he said.

Speaking at the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2019, Nadin said that organisations were starting to see that staff are only interested in workplace wellbeing programmes if they are already engaged in wellbeing.

He said HR and reward staff were also being overwhelmed by the number of providers available and rapidly expanding solutions creating choice overload in the market and explained that the solution was about ‘motivating the unmotivated’ and cutting through the noise of the market.

Macri-Waller said that AI and machine learning offered assistance in doing that by better funnelling relevant information to users. “If you start to get to this place where you can drive relevance the machines can help you drive more and more relevance. It can start to build better profiles of people to enable a guided journey to happen. It enables you to start to understand an individual probably better than any other of the data you hold and target people with very curated content.”  

This video was recorded at the REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress 2019, held in London on 20 June.

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