REBA Employee Wellness Conference 2016

16/06/2016 09:00 - 17:00 155 Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 3YD

The REBA Wellness Conference was a success!

On Thursday 16th June 2016 over 200 HR Directors and other senior HR decision-makers met together at 155 Bishopsgate for the inaugural REBA Employee Wellness Conference.

The conference featured a dynamic mix of plenaries, strategic thought, employer case studies, in-depth focus sessions delving deeper into specific challenges, round tables and workshops.

Delegates benefited from sharing experience with their peers and listening to the experts. Highlights of the day included the opening and closing plenaries and the Hackathon (discussion group) for those who already had a wellness strategy in place.

Videos from the conference

Video (above): Highlights of the REBA Employee Wellness Conference

View video: How Oracle made a $1million saving in sickness absences

View video: Organisations must use data analytics for better targeting

View video: Why effective communication is vital for managing mental health

View video: Why ROI may not be the right measure for wellbeing strategies

View video: How the government is driving workplace wellness

View video: How Baker & McKenzie created its wellbeing programme

View video: Why businesses are focusing more on financial wellness

View video: Dealing with stress - the elephant in the room

View video: Wellbeing key to maximising human capital

View video: Organisations need to put more effort into financial wellbeing

View video: Essential ingredients for a successful wellbeing strategy

View video: Why embracing digital can help improve EAP take-up

View video: How to harness a resilient mindset in the workplace

View video: How even small benefits can have a big impact on business

View video: What happens when wellness isn't enough

View video: What does it take to be one of Britain's healthiest companies?

View video: Three lives saved after Chester Zoo embraced Heartstart

View video: How size isn't everything when it comes to wellbeing

Add Employee Wellness to engage and nurture your staff

Organisations throughout the UK are recognising that wellness is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ element of their HR and benefits strategy, which is why our first Employee Wellness conference was so well attended.

Speakers included:

Joanna Bean - Samsung

Jo Bean

Head of Reward

Download Presentation

Michelle Bradshaw

Michelle Bradshaw

Compensation & Benefits Director UK, Ireland & Israel

Download Presentation

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

HR Director

Download Presentation

Meesha Birch

Subject Matter Expert

Download Presentation

Carl Chapman

Carl Chapman

Head of Workplace Health

Download Presentation

Rebecca Cox

Rebecca Cox

Fitness Director

Download Presentation

Dr. Shaun Davis

Group Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability

Alistair Dornan

Alistair Dornan

Head of Health Management

Download Presentation

Charlotte Dymock, Shepherds Bush Housing

Charlotte Dymock

Benefits Lead, Shepherds Bush Housing Association

Download Presentation

Tom Gaynor

Tom Gaynor

Director, Employee Benefits

Download Download Presentation

Dr Roxane Gervais

Dr Roxane Gervais

Occupational Psychologist

Melanie Gurney

Melanie Gurney

Executive Director HR & Head of L&D

Phil Hayne

Phil Hayne


Dr Peter Kelly

Dr Peter Kelly


Jane Hubbard, Head of HR, Chester Zoo

Jane Hubbard

Head of HR

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Fiona King

Fiona King

Head of Rehabilitation

Download Presentation

Matthew Lawrence - Aon

Matthew Lawrence

AON Employee Benefits

Download Presentation

Dr Paul Litchfield

Dr Paul Litchfield

CMO and Director Wellbeing, Inclusion, Safety & Health

Jeanette Makings

Jeanette Makings

Head of Financial Education

Download Presentation

Huw Meredith

Head of Delivery, Work and Health Unit

Simon Mounsey

Simon Mounsey

HR Director

Download Presentation

Derek Mowbray

Prof. Derek Mowbray

Chartered Psychologist and Visiting Professor

Download Presentation

Beate O'Neill Punter Southall

Beate O'Neill

Head of Wellness Consulting

Download Presentation

Ann Preston

Ann Preston

Director, HR

Download Presentation

Joy Reymond

Joy Reymond

Head of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Download Presentation

Catherine Rutland

Dr. Catherine Rutland

Senior Dental Advisor

Download Presentation

Laura Smith, Baker McKenzie

Laura Smith

Senior Reward Officer

Download Presentation

Mark Watson

Mark Watson

Chief sales & marketing officer

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Our first Employee Wellness Conference covered everything needed to design and deliver a successful wellness strategy covering financial, mental and physical wellbeing.

Delegates enjoyed a dynamic, full-day conference with plenaries and short, punchy speaker sessions, plus round table discussion groups, panels of experts and employer case studies. The event gave delegates the chance to:

  • Find out what other employers are doing with regards to wellness
  • Benchmark their own existing wellness tactics
  • Learn how to get board buy-in for wellness programmes
  • Learn more about financial wellness as a part of the overall strategy
  • Get ahead of the trend by discovering the latest wellness advances
  • Discover low-cost initiatives available for prompt implementation
  • Hear what experts predict for the future of wellness

For those employers that already offered a co-hesive and comprehensive wellness strategy – we hosted an exclusive ‘hackathon’, which brought about healthy debate and idea sharing.

REBA Employee Wellness Conference 2016

Conference programme

(Delegates to select sessions once booked)


Opening remarks from the Chair

Debi O'Donovan, Director, Reward & Employee Benefits Association


PLENARY: The Government’s framework for wellness and the 5 year plan

  • Why wellness and employees?
  • The business case for employee wellbeing
  • The role of the employer in wellness
  • Current Government wellness initiatives
  • Forecasting future trends in wellness

Prof Derek Mowbray, Director, Management Advisory Service and architect of The WellBeing and Performance Agenda [moderator]
Huw Meredith, Head of Delivery, Work and Health Unit, Department of Work and Pensions
Dr Peter Kelly, Psychologist, Health & Safety Executive
Dr Roxane Gervais, Occupational Psychologist, Health & Safety Laboratory
Robert Cochran
, Corporate Pensions Specialist, Scottish Widows                            


PLENARY: Wellness: The impact on your company’s bottom line

  • Wellness is more than just a free gym membership: Why we’ve bought into wellness as a strategic initiative 
  • Utilizing wellness to mitigate risk, drive engagement and improve profit 
  • Leading from the top

Beth Robotham, Head of Business Development, Bupa UK [moderator]
Steve Bell, Global CEO, Iris Worldwide
Melanie Gurney, Executive Director HR & Head of L&D, Mizuho International
Dr Shaun Davis, Group Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability, Royal Mail Group
Dr Paul Litchfield, CMO and Director Wellbeing, Inclusion, Safety & Health, BT plc


PLENARY: Creating a healthy, happy and engaged workforce through a visionary wellness strategy

  • The impact of wellbeing on future risk/benefit costs and workforce planning
  • Data-driven campaigns based on information from benefit providers
  • Know your numbers’ campaign and results – getting people interested in their own health and wellbeing
  • Financial Wellness - 3 pronged approach – THINK, LEARN, ACT

CASE STUDY: Michelle Bradshaw, Compensation & Benefits Director UK, Ireland & Israel, Oracle




CHOOSE: EITHER the hackathon interactive workshop OR the Building a wellness strategy: a series of three sessions


Hackathon - interactive workshop for delegates with a wellness strategy already in place

ADVANCED: Roundtable discussion session (Hackathon)
Engaging the cynics: how to galvanise employee engagement

  • In a collaborative environment you will devise strategies to overcome a common problem: Take-up and engagement. 
  • Working in groups delegates will be given a wellness-related workplace scenario
  • Your group will devise a creative strategy to solve it
  • Experts will be on hand to consult
  • Resources will be provided to help you get creative.

Led by: Phil Hayne, Director, REBA



Building a wellness strategy: a series of three sessions

How to create a tailored wellness solution

  • Key findings of the REBA wellness survey
  • 7 steps to create a wellness strategy for your organisation
  • Choosing the right wellness initiative to focus on
  • Sharing Baker & McKenzie’s experience
    • The business case and why we wanted to create a wellness programme
    • Understanding our workforce’s specific needs
    • What worked and what were the challenges
      CASE STUDY: Laura Smith, Senior Reward Officer, Baker & McKenzie
      Beate O'Neill, Head of Wellness Consulting, Punter Southall

How to build a business case to ensure Board buy-in to your wellness strategy

  • How to build a business case
  • Creating a wellness strategy to meet the business objectives
  • Demonstrating ROI
  • Leading from the top
    CASE STUDY: Andrew Brown, HR Director, Coopervision

How to create and roll-out a cohesive wellness strategy

  • Building a wellness framework
  • The importance of data led analytics
  • What does a successful health and wellness strategy look like?
  • Where do you start?
  • Understanding the return on investment
  • Why wellness deserves governance
    Carl Chapman, Head of Workplace Health, Barnett  Waddingham



Afternoon Pick ‘n’ mix sessions

14:05-14:30 Select one of these 3

Establishing the true cost of wellbeing

  • Latest insights from our EMEA Health Care Survey
  • How to benchmark against your competitors’ claims costs
  • Future gaze and predict up to 5 years of your organisation’s claims costs
  • How other organisations have put in place wellness programmes to counterbalance their workforce’s largest health concerns

Matthew Lawrence, Head of Health and Risk, Aon Employee Benefits


What happens when wellness isn’t enough?

  • Why wellness strategies help with absences but can’t eliminate it
  • Discover how companies have used their wellbeing benefits and budget more effectively to:
    • Shorten the length of absence
    • Reduce the costs of absence
    • Prevent claims

Includes Case Studies
Fiona King, Head of Rehabilitation, Legal & General


How to create digital EAP that actually engages your employees

Mark Watson, CFMO, Lifeworks

14:35-15:00 Select one of these 3

How to introduce simple wellbeing benefits to reduce absence costs

  • How regularly used health benefits reduce your business costs
  • Why prevention really is better than cure
  • How looking after oral health improves general health
  • The positive outcomes for your workforce

Dr Catherine Rutland, Senior Advisor, Denplan


How to improve financial wellness, for free

  • Does the financial health of your employees matter?
  • How can you help your employees improve their financial health, for free?

CASE STUDY: Simon Mounsey, HR Director, Agilisys
Asesh Sarkar, CEO, SalaryFinance 


ADVANCED: Harnessing a resilient mind set fit for the future workplace

  • Making the business case for resilience to meet changing workplace needs
  • Building a foundation of trust and a positive mind set toward mental health
  • The role of the Line Manager
  • The evolving workplace

Tom Gaynor, Director, Employee Benefits, Metlife

15:05-15:30 Select one of these 3

What can really be achieved with limited budget, time and resources?

  • Hear how your business can learn from a SME with limited financial and people resource, which used creative techniques to achieve their desired health and wellbeing objectives
  • Address the challenge of a diverse workforce with differing needs – and please everyone!
  • Understand what you can do to deliver innovative and robust solutions that drive the best results for you and your business

CASE STUDY: Charlotte Dymock, Benefits Lead, Shepherds Bush Housing Association
Meesha Birch
, Employer and Intermediary Marketing Manager and Subject Matter Expert, Simplyhealth


What financial wellness looks like in action

  • Financial wellness – the missing piece of the jigsaw?
  • New benchmarking research: Can you count yourselves in the top 24%? 
  • Seven steps to an effective financial wellness strategy
  • Beyond engagement – experience improved financial wellness

Jeanette Makings, Head of Financial Education, Close Brothers
Simon Williams,
 Financial Planner, Close Brothers


Effective communication – a vital component to managing mental health in the workplace 

  • The risk to business of overlooking communication around mental health
  • What line managers need to know to be able to spot problems and turn to help
  • The communication gaps between HR policies, support and front line managers
  • Practical: communication checklist

Joy Reymond, Head of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Unum

15:35-16:00 Select one of these 3

How to design and implement a successful health and wellbeing programme around National Awareness Days and Charitable Initiatives

  • Three step framework: At a societal level (incorporating PESTEL elements); At an organisational level; and At the individual level
  • Building a wellness programme based on government and charitable initiatives
  • How to develop these initiatives in-house for a comprehensive, made-to-measure strategy

Bill Taylor, Head of Operations, Occupational Health and Staff Wellbeing, Public Health England
CASE STUDY: Jane Hubbard
, Head of HR, Chester Zoo


ADVANCED: Using data analytics to boost your health management strategy

  • How data analytics can help effectively segment their workforce
  • Uncover how to join up data with the employee care pathway
  • Why 37% of employees fear speaking about mental health; and the role of the line manager
  • Case study: how one employer improved financial as well as people outcomes

Alistair Dornan, Head of Health Management, Capita Employee Benefits 


ADVANCED: The elephant in the room –  the impact that stress and psychological presenteeism has on workforce performance and what leaders and managers can do about it

  • Create a culture that prevents stress and encourages performance
  • Eliminate the causes of stress which prevent performance
  • Take responsibility for own psychological wellbeing and that of others
  • Share responsibility for the future success of the organisation
  • The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda framework

Prof Derek Mowbray, Director of the Management Advisory Service and the architect of The WellBeing and Performance Agenda




PLENARY: What does it take to be one of Britain’s healthiest companies?

  • Britain's Healthiest Company Awards, launched in 2013, recognise companies which embrace the wellness of their employees as an integral part of the company culture, and who understand how important employee health and wellness is on productivity and company profits.
  • Our panel of award winners will be sharing the secrets of their success, divulging what works and what doesn't, and how to choose the initiatives that are right for your company.

David Sher, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Old Mutual Group
Ann Preston
, Director, HR, Sanofi Pasteur MSD
Rebecca Cox, Fitness Director, Iris International


Closing remarks from the Chair

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What practitioners say about wellness

As part of the REBA/Punter Southall Health & Protection Employee Wellness Research 2016 we asked several of our members how they view employee wellness strategies:

Chris Carter, Head of Reward, SAS Businesses in UK & Ireland

Our wellbeing strategy is purposefully designed so that employees become more engaged and we can link the direct tangible and non-tangible benefits we offer to employees.

Janet Mckenzie, Reward & Performance Manager, The Southern Co-operative

We've seen wellness increasingly talked about in the past few years. But it's important to recognise that underneath the buzz and the shiny new wrapping paper, the underlying idea is solid common sense. If colleagues are unwell or worried, whatever the reason, they’re not going to be able to give their best to their job.

Mirka Slater, Senior Benefits Manager, EMEA,

A smart move in any company is to keep an eye on health and wellbeing. At Expedia, we try to engage our employees and manage absence linked to health and wellbeing by introducing measures to promote an overall healthy life.

The research showed that spending on wellness is on the increase – up by 50% for those with a wellness strategy in place and a third for those without. All employers need to stand up and take notice of this increasingly important area of HR strategy and attending the Employee Wellness Conference on 16th June was the ideal place for many of our delegates to start.

Here is a selection of the 200+ HR Directors and senior HR decision makers who have registered to attend this essential conference -

Group Reward Director (Europe)
A.S. Watson Group

Head of HR Operations
Adecco UK & I

Head of Reward and Global Mobility

Head of Reward
Anglian Water

Head of Reward
Ascential plc

Head of People Experience
Autoglass and Laddaw

Director C&B EMEA
Avon cosmetics

HR Director       
Bettys & Taylors Group Ltd

Director of HR  
British Medical Association

Group Head of HR, Learning & Development      
Brooks Macdonald Group plc

Director Benefits - EMEA            
CA Technologies

Group HR Director         
Charles Taylor plc

Head of HR        
Chester Zoo

Head of Compensation,
Benefits & HR Operations, EMEA            

Head of Reward
CPA Global

Head of reward
cushman & wakefield

Head of HR        
D S Smith Limited

Director, pensions and benefits
eli lilly and company limited

Chief Talent Officer – Global      

HR Director       
Farleigh Hospice

Executive Director for Employee Benefits            
Howden Group UK

Head of HR
Hymans Robertson

Group HR Director
Intercity Technology Ltd

Snr Director, Human Resources

Head of Reward

Head of HR        

HR Director       
Magellan Aerospace

Head of Reward and Projects     

Head of Reward
Metropolitan Housing

Head of HR        

Global Head of Benefits

Group Reward Director
Mitie Group plc

Reward Director             

Head of HR        
National Express

Reward Partner
Pentland Brands

Global Reward Director
Premier Farnell

Head of Reward

Head of Smart Health    
Reward Gateway

Head of People Strategy & Change         
Richmond Fellowship

Head of ER        
Royal Mencap Society

Head of Reward

Reward and Performance Director          

Head of Compensation and Benefits      

Head of Reward
Simply Business

Director of People and Talent    
Tenpin Limited

Head of Employment & Wellbeing          
Thames Valley Police

Head of Reward
The Hyde Group

Director HR       
The Toronto-Dominion Bank

Director, International Benefits 
Time Warner

Head of Reward
Trowers & Hamlins LLP

HR Director       
Turtle Bay restaurants

Interim Head of Reward
UBM plc

Head of HR        

Head of Pensions & Benefits      
Virgin Media

Head of Health & Productivity   
Xerox HR Service


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