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REBA Innovation Day 2017

Innovation Day: How technology & data analytics are transforming reward and benefits

Record turnout at REBA's 3rd Innovation Day

The 3rd annual REBA Innovation Day took place on 23 November at the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. Thank you to the 175+ reward, compensation, benefits and HR practitioners who attended to hear about the latest trends and developments in benefits technology.

They also collected an advance copy of the brand new, first ever REBA Technology Survey report in association with JLT. This can now be downloaded free if you're a Professional Member.

Video tutorial: JLT's Andrew Drake reveals first insights into REBA Technology Survey 2017

Video tutorial: Reward Gateway's Rob Boland on becoming an expert of change

Video tutorial: Aon's Andrew Stemp on justifying digital investment in rewards and benefits

Video tutorial: AB InBev's Roger Fairhead on how and why technology is changing 

Video tutorial: Abbiss Cadres reveals the GDPR regulation impact on employee data

Video tutorial: Xexec's Jamie King on using social recognition technologies

Video tutorial: Mercer's David Wreford on using data and analytics to create a compelling EVP

Video tutorial: Thomson Online Benefits' David Dodd on personalisation in reward and benefits

Video tutorial: Personal Group's David Walker on an employee focussed digital strategy

Video tutorial: Unilever's Keith Williams on the digital benefits journey

Video tutorial: LCP's Dipa Mistry Kandola on technology change without disruption

Video tutorial: Benefex's Matt Macri-Waller on why the future is truly individual

Video tutorial: CIPD's David D'Souza on why benefits packages need to change

Video tutorial: Capita’s view on the latest digital solutions for employee financial planning

Video tutorial: Ian Baines and John Taylor reveal a Nationwide case study

Video tutorial: Wealth Wizards' Phil Blows reveals 6 pieces of data needed for financial wellness

Video tutorial: BGL Group's Toria McCahill and Sage's Lloyd Taylor reveal best in user experience

Video tutorial: Panel discussion on reward and benefits professional career tips

Video tutorial: JLT's Andrew Drake reveals first insights into REBA Technology Survey 2017

Video tutorial: Deborah Rees of Innecto on extracting relevant data and insight

Video tutorial: Neil Perkin on changing HR practice in the digital age

Video tutorial: Nestle and SIG Group on how to use data and insight to prove reward strategy success

Video tutorial: Tallt Venture's Matt Connolly on disruptive innovation

The REBA Innovation Day is the only reward and benefits tech and data analytics conference in the calendar! It's an opportunity for practitioners to embrace the tech-enabled opportunity of developing more strategic input.

This year’s event featured a high end programme, as well as two round tables for optimised knowledge sharing. The top line up of speakers included great companies such as Unilever, Nestle, Sage, SIG, BGL Group, Mercer, AON, Capita, JLT, Reward Gateway, Thomsons, Benefex, Xexec and more.

Scroll down to view the event programme.


Andrew Drake

Andrew Drake

Client Development


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Andrew Stemp

Andrew Stemp

Associate Partner

Aon 2
David D'Souza

David D'Souza

Head of Engagement

David Walker

David Walker


Personal Group 2

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David Widdowson

David Widdowson


Abbiss Cadres

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David Wreford

David Wreford



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Debi O'Donovan

Debi O'Donovan

Co-founder & Director , REBA

Dipa Mistry Kandola

Dipa Mistry Kandola

Head of Flexible Benefits

Ian Baines

Ian Baines

Head of Pensions


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Ian Wright

Ian Wright

Senior Manager Compensation & Benefits EMEA & PSO

Jamie King

Jamie King


Xexec 1

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John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

Global Compensation & Benefits Partner

John Taylor

John Taylor



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Jordan Pettman

Jordan Pettman

Global Head of People Data, Analytics & Planning


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Keith Williams

Keith Williams

Global Project Lead - Re-Imagine Benefits Delivery

Unilever logo.png

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Lloyd Taylor

Lloyd Taylor

Director of Global Reward


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Martin Laws

Martin Laws

Senior Reward and Benefit Consultant

Capita 2

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Matt Connolly

Matt Connolly

CEO & Founder

Tallt Ventures

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Matt Macri-Waller

Matt Macri-Waller

Founder & CEO

Benefex 1

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Michael Mors

Michael Mors

General Manager D/A/CH & Head of Sales Europe

Neil Perkin

Neil Perkin

Author, Building the agile business


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Paul Craven

Paul Craven

Global Reward Specialist

NTT Security
Phil Blows

Phil Blows


Rob Boland

Rob Boland

Group Director of Product & Client Success

Reward Gateway 3

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Sophie White

Sophie White


Abiss Cadres

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Thomas Porter

Thomas Porter

Senior Partner

David Dodd

David Dodd

Consulting Director


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Roger Fairhead

Roger Fairhead

Group Reward Director

AB inbev
Deborah Frost

Deborah Frost

Chief Executive

Innecto 1

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Linda Kennedy-McCarthy

Linda Kennedy-McCarthy

Group HR Director


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Technology is driving immense positive change in reward, so this annual event is designed to keep delegates up-to-speed with what that change means for them and their role of managing reward. 

(REBA's Professional Members can attend REBA events free.)

Outline Conference Programme 


Registration and mix ’n mingle breakfast


Opening Remarks from the Chair:
How reward and benefits tech is changing strategies


Opening Keynote Address:
Changing HR practice in a time of digital transformation
As organisations from the broadest range of sectors transition to become more agile and fit-for-purpose in a digital-empowered world, HR and employee engagement and experience are moving to be front and centre of transformation programmes. How does leadership, culture and HR practice need to change in response to these challenges and opportunities? 

  • The new context for leadership and organisations - digital disruption and rapidly shifting consumer, competitive and company environments

  • Agile thinking and approaches: the changing HR and employee experience

  • Shifting performance management processes, building high performance teams, developing a learning culture, approaches to talent acquisition and management

  • The role of employee engagement in digital transformation

    Neil Perkin, Author of Building The Agile Business
    Neil is also the Contributing Author of ‘The Future of HR in the Digital Age’ (Econsultancy, May 2017). BIMA named him one of the most influential people in the UK digital sector.


Practitioners’ Advice:Using data and insight to demonstrate how reward strategies drive business success
This session will illustrate how, in language the Board understands, reward levers and tools can drive recruitment and performance to meet business objectives. Smarter use of reward as a strategic lever.

  • Discover the increasing management information responsibility and skill sets that will be needed for reward in the future

  • Ways to use predictive data and metrics strategically to become a trusted advisor to the Board and senior managers

  • How to provide real time analytics and insight to support key business decisions

  • Adapting your own data and MI capabilities to enable reward transformation in your business

    Linda Kennedy-McCarthy, Group HR Director, SIG Group
    A specialist in organisation design, change management and engagement, Linda takes a metric-driven approach to demonstrate value-added HR.
    Jordan Pettman, Global Head of People Data, Analytics and Planning, Nestle
    Considered a leader in workforce planning and analytics, since 2008 Jordan has worked with leading organisations across the globe to help build data driven, people decision making HR environments.


Joint Q&A for preceding speakers


Round Table Discussions: hosted by sponsors


Morning refreshments

Streamed Sessions (broken by lunchbreak)


Developing your digital strategy from the employee point of view 
Understanding the technology journey and how to bring tech alive within an organisation 

  • Key employee insights you need to flag up to the senior management team 

  • Effectively using the infrastructure you already have in place 

  • The role of the devices employees already own and use 

    David Walker, Chief Commercial Officer at Personal Group  


Financial wellness - update on the latest digital solutions to engage staff in future financial planning

  • The rapid evolution of fintech and what's out there 

  • Understanding the varied demands and pressures of your employees 

  • Using Big Data to help you provide tailored and relevant financial wellness solutions

  • How an engaged and financially informed workforce can be a win-win

Martin Laws, Senior Reward and Benefit Consultant at Capita Employee Benefits 


Using technology to integrate reward, benefits and performance mangagment: latest thinking 

  • Theoretical innovation vs systems innovation
  • Greater levels of immediacy for performance-related rewards for non-sales and production type roles
  • Moving reward to be a key player in talent management via technology and data
  • Hot off the press: first insights from the REBA/JLT Technology Research 2017

Andrew Drake, Consulting and Proposition Director at JLT Employee Benefits


Extracting relevant data and insight to enhance the effectiveness of HR strategies through reward and benefits

  • Understanding what data is important and what isn't

  • How to avoid drowning in data

  • What are other employers finding effective?

  • Using predictive analysis effectively

  • Understanding your journey analytics

  • Is real time data important?

    Deborah Rees, Director of Consulting at Innecto Reward Consulting 


Become an expert of change in a world where growth in tech and data means HR is increasingly exposed

  • What change means to HR and reward, and how to embrace it effectively
  • How to use change to drive the numbers that make HR and reward accountable to the business
  • The key risks HR needs to be aware of when managing multiple data points
  • How to implement change to reward and benefits, and measure the impact in real time

Rob Boland, Group Director of Product & Client Success at Reward Gateway 


How is technology developing to help employers manage their workplace savings strategies?
CASE STUDY Nationwide: Improving user experience through communications, default funds and technology

  • What strategies and technologies can be used to improve user experience and create better financial futures for your workforce
  • How to use robo-guidance effectively
  • How might robo-guidance evolve in the future?

Ian Baines, Head of Pensions, Nationwide
John Taylor, Partner, Hymans Robertson


How to transform and integrate your benefits, pensions or reward technology without major disruption 

  • Why we have been managing IT projects wrong … until now

  • Mapping out your digital project to focussing on the user journey
  • User experience is king: learning from personal tech

  • Holistic view for staff: How to pull different benefits together in one place 

  • What employers can do to pressure providers to offer greater integration of systems 

Dipa Mistry Kandola, Head of Flexible Benefits at LCP 
Thomas Porter, Senior Partner at LCP 


Personalisation: evolving from reward to experience
In this session delegates will hear how to maximise benefits data and analytics to personalise benefits and truly enhance the employee experience

  • Segmentation is dead, long live personalisation: how reward has moved on

  • Why measurement is the key to success

  • What leading employers are doing with analytics

  • The barriers to break down in order to actively engage your employees in their benefits

David Dodd, Consulting Director, Thomsons Online Benefits  


Six pieces of data you need to support a successful financial wellness programme
Q&A interview with REBA

  • What data you need from your advisers and providers and how do you get it?

  • Should you do cohort analysis or can this be too impersonal? 

  • Using analytics to get sight of different employee's priorities

  • What do you do with the insights once you have them?

Phil Blows, Director, Wealth Wizards



Networking lunch


Building the business case to justify investing in digital offerings to future-proof reward and benefits strategies 

  • Explaining the ‘adapt or die’ imperative to the board and how to get CFO backing 

  • Using data based decisions to drive strategic design
  • Demonstrating ROI 

  • Getting across the opportunity for the business as a whole 

  • Ensuring you provide quality reporting that speaks to your board, not just HR 

    Andrew Stemp, Associate Partner, Aon Strategic Advisory


The intranet of me: how the future is an audience of one
In this session delegates will learn how to design an employee experience which is persuasive, grabs employee attention and enables you to deliver a great experience every day:

  • How the world's most innovative companies are designing persuasive employee experiences 

  • Why you must compete for the limited employee attention available 

  • How to use simplicity as your secret weapon 

  • Why all analytics are not created equal 

Matt Macri-Waller, CEO of Benefex 


How to use data and analytics to develop a compelling and authentic EVP

  • Viewing the EVP as a holistic and flexible reward model  

  • Building evidence, through data and mangement information, of the need for change, and predicting business outcomes  

  • From 'generations' to 'personas' - understanding your own employee segments and their interests

  • Using your EVP as an investment model, to inform programme design and support employee communications

    David Wreford, Partner, Mercer 


Transforming global compensation & rewards - using technology to drive effectiveness, improve performance and achieve compliance

  • Addressing compensation requirements regardless of scale or complexity
  • Driving effectiveness with analytics and benchmarking
  • Finding the one stop global platform - does it exist?
  • Meeting all internal & external compensation requirements
  • Best practices and lessons learnt

Michael Mors, General Manager D/A/CH and Head of Sales Europe, Beqom


Using social recognition technologies to drive broader HR strategies

  • Why the socialisation of the employee experience is extending beyond recognition programmes
  • Linking your social communications to L&D, wellbeing, performance and other HR strategies to drive engagement
  • How to use recognition technology to hook into broader HR agendas
  • The crucial role technology plays in creating social recognition networks and social capital in today's workplaces

Jamie King, Director of Global Reward, Xexec


Off-the-grid workshop: dealing with data and technology challenges faced by employers
Vendor free Chatham House session where delegates will be encouraged to share real life challenges, solutions and swap supplier recommendations.

Philip Hayne, Co-Founder and Director of The Reward & Employee Benefits Association 


How disruptive innovation is changing the world as we know it. And what we can do about it
Tällt Ventures gives an insight into the changing tech landscape and the changes reward practitioners face. They'll discuss the latest trends, showcase the ventures driving the change and talk through strategies on how we stay ahead of disruption.

  • An insight into how the reward and benefits industry is being disrupted by new technologies 

  • A glimpse into the new ventures changing the world as we know it 

  • Top recommendations to ensure your company stays relevant 

Matt Connolly, CEO & Founder, Tällt Ventures 


Round Table Discussions: hosted by reward directors


Afternoon tea


Expert Opinion: GDPR Regulations - how will it affect the processing of personal data of the workforce?
Reward practitioners are having to use more data and cross analyse it with other data, in order to offer targeted benefits and ensure their reward strategies are driving the business. Practitioners are becoming increasingly concerned about what they can, or cannot, do, and what permissions they need to have in place to maximise their data. This session will examine the incoming data laws from a benefits, pensions and pay angle.

  • GDPR legislation - portability from an employee benefits perspective (employee performance, profit levels, whether they have a family etc)

  • Data analysis to meet legislative requirements e.g. auto enrolment and Gender Pay Reporting

  • Cyber security - concerns about potential breaches

  • Data Protection and the global linkage - different territories equals different legislation

David Widdowson, Partner, Abbiss Cadres
Sophie White, Partner, Abbiss Cadres


Practitioner Quick Fire Wins:
Technology and the changing world of work - how the benefits package of the future needs to be different
Reward needs to be a reflection of how we are thinking differently about work, as a result employee benefits will change. What should we do now to prepare and engage employees of the future?

  • Adjusting practices to meet the needs of an increasingly agile workforce

  • How to meet the demands of digital natives who expect personalised, retail-level experiences

  • Technologising the technologists - introducing solutions to highly technical individuals in your organisation

  • Where does reward and HR technology go next - revolution or evolution?

    David D’Souza, Head of Engagement, CIPD
    Paul Craven, Global Reward Specialist, NTT Security


Practitioner Quick Fire Wins:
Be prepared - how and why technology will change transparency and fairness in pay, benefits and employee performance measures
Reward is increasingly using technology to make compensation more transparent and inclusive - with the objective of re-engaging employees around compensation with more flexibility.

  • Using technology to solve transparency and ratios around remuneration

  • Moving from ratings to real time frequency on performance and PDRs

  • Using deep dive data analysis to ensure equitable pay

    Roger Fairhead,
    VP People, AB InBev
    Ian Wright,
    Senior Manager Compensation & Benefits EMEA & PSO, VMware


Practitioner Quick Fire Wins:
From AI to UX - enhancing the reward technology experience through effective use of auto-intelligence and the latest user experience hacks
Having the analytical mind to be able to interpret the data, to come up with creative solutions, is the key to the future.

  • Using analytics to understand user preferences and drive system improvements

  • Making sense of the maxim 'aligning rewards to strategy' through technology

  • How AI is redefining the future of benefits

  • Personalisation and using MI to ‘understand’ individual employees better

    Toria McCahill, Associate HR Director - Group Functions and Reward, BGL Group
    Lloyd Taylor,
    Director of Global Reward, Sage


Panel Discussion: Reward and benefits professional career tips
We round up all our speakers from the 'Practitioner Quick Fire Win' sessions for you to pose your burning questions with regards to developing the ideal skill set required, in light of all the future innovations in reward technology, that is ever-changing for reward practitioners.


Closing Keynote Address - Practitioner Viewpoint:
The digital benefits journey - trigger, awareness, valuation, conversion, delivery
It is time to completely re-imagine the benefits experience from a technology point of view? In this session Keith shares his practical views on how reward and benefits managers can go about this.

  • Using ‘Design Thinking’ to put the employee at the centre of a personal benefits experience

  • Using an AI Chatbot to engage with employees about their benefits

  • Crafting knowledge articles for a twenty second attention span

  • Using APIs and robotics to efficiently administer benefits

    Keith Williams, Global Project Lead - Re-Imagine Benefits Delivery, Unilever
    Keith is an HR technology innovation strategist, design thinking champion, agile product owner and parent to a Chatbot. During his nine years at Unilever, he has led technology projects in reward and benefits, knowledge, employee engagement and communications.


Closing Remarks


Event closes