Government papers: Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s – consultation

The government has set out its approach to public health for the 2020s. One that involves a new personalised, prevention model.

At its heart, the paper emphasises that health is a shared responsibility and only by working together can we achieve our vision of healthier and happier lives for everyone. As such, prevention is centre to all of the government’s decision-making and employers have a role to play in this.

Key commitments that affect employers

  • Employers will be expected to follow the standards set out in the Thriving at Work review led by Lord Stevenson and Paul Farmer to support people’s mental health at work.
  • The government will explore how to align support for people with mental and physical health conditions across the NHS, employers and occupational health – so that boundaries and responsibilities are clear and good information about support is available.
  • The government plans to develop a package of actionable MSK advice for employers, supported by free digital tools and promoted through health and safety inspections.