Government papers: Good Work Plan

The government has published its Good Work Plan, which sets out its vision for the future of the UK labour market and how it will implement the recommendations arising from the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices.

The Taylor Review looked into labour market issues such as: the implications of new forms of work; the rise of digital platforms; and the impact of new working models. It made 53 recommendations, most of which the government accepted in its response.

Alongside its response, four consultations were launched to seek stakeholder views on the approach to implementation. This Good Work Plan draws on the feedback from these consultations.

The paper sets out several next steps for government including significant changes to legislation, such as:

  • legislating to give all workers the right to request a more stable contract
  • extending the time required to break a period of continuous service to make it easier for employees to access their rights
  • legislating to ban employers from making deductions from staff tips
  • making the law more transparent to address disagreements around the employment status of individuals, particularly those in new and emerging work arrangements
  • setting out the specific information that agency workers must be given to help them make informed choices about the work they accept
  • legislating to improve the clarity of the employment status tests, reflecting the reality of modern working relationships
  • bringing forward proposals in early 2019 for a new, single labour market enforcement agency to better ensure that vulnerable workers are more aware of their rights and have easier access to them and that businesses are supported to comply.

This Good Work Plan builds on the government’s modern Industrial Strategy by aiming to deliver a UK employment system which is fair, transparent and fit for the future.