Government papers: Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting: summary of reported data for 2018/19

This report summarises the gender pay gap (GPG) data that employers reported under the second year of the regulations, along with findings from related research conducted by the Government Equalities Office.

Key findings

  • 78% of reported median GPGs favoured men, 14% favoured women, and 9% of employers reported a median GPG of exactly 0%.
  • 88% of reported mean GPGs favoured men, 11% favoured women, and 1% of employers reported a mean GPG of exactly 0%.
  • Companies that reported in both 2017/18 and 2018/19 were matched based on their organisation name. Of those organisations that had reported in both years, 48% reported median GPGs narrowed (the GPG is closer to zero than the previous reporting period) and 44% widened.
  • 53% of reported mean GPGs narrowed and 44% widened.
  • 82% of employers reported they had more women than men in their lowest 25% of earners and 17% reported they had more women than men in their highest 25% of earners.

As of June 2019, a little over half of in-scope employers had published an action plan outlining how they intend to tackle their GPG.