Report: Red Report - Mental Health In The Workplace: Challenges And Solutions

Understanding the barriers to discussing mental health in the workplace is the key to improving the quality and quantity of conversations around this issue, Legal & General’s latest report finds. The research discusses five key themes that are preventing wider discussion of mental health in the workplace.

Key findings:

  • Training for all managers and employees is the key to tackling the lack of understanding and education around mental health.
  • Language and the choice of communication is critical to the successful implementation of wellbeing strategies, particularly around mental wellbeing.
  • Line managers and senior leaders need to create an environment where people feel that they can bring their ‘whole self’ to work and embed a two-way culture of openness.
  • Resources need to contain best practice advice that individuals can be signposted to, either by a line manager, peer or self-service, to encourage positive mental health.
  • Organisations need to recognise and reward appropriate behaviours that help employees communicate their stories in a positive and inspiring way to create a role model culture.

Legal & General launched its ‘Not A Red Card’ campaign in 2017. The campaign aims to bridge the gap between employers and employees and encourage organisations to be more open about mental health.