Report: The FTSE 100 and their Pension Disclosures

The latest quarterly report on the FTSE 100 and their pension disclosures has been launched by JLT Employee Benefits.

Key findings:

  • The total deficit in FTSE 100 pension schemes at 30 September 2016 is estimated to be £105 billion. This is a deterioration of £32 billion from the position 12 months ago.
  • Only 54 FTSE 100 companies are still providing more than a handful of current employees with defined benefit (DB) benefits. Of these, only 23 are providing DB benefits to a significant number of employees.
  • There continues to be significant funding of pension deficits. Last year saw total deficit funding of £6.6 billion, up from £5.9 billion the previous year.
  • There are a number of companies reporting significant individual changes to investment strategies.