Report: The power of employee benefits in an uncertain world

Metlife's employee benefit trends report reveals that addressing employee stress can underpin other benefits and engagement initiatives. It argues that this can be achieved by giving a sense of control back to employees, helping them enter a more certain world.


Jo Elphick

Jo Elphick

Head of Marketing

The report focuses on wellness. It highlights the key benefit trends, why financial wellness can help motivate employees and maximise their performance, why mental wellness is as important as physical wellness and how benefits can be made to work harder.

Key findings:

  • Around 60% of employees are concerned about job security.
  • More than half are concerned about having financial security for their family in the event of their premature death.
  • The top three health concerns were: cancer, work/life balance and stress.
  • More than a quarter of employees are thinking about leaving their employer in the next 12 months.