Research: Swiss Re: Group Watch 2019

Swiss Re’s 2019 ‘Group Watch’ report has revealed there was a 3.3% growth in group risk during 2018, taking the total number of employer-sponsored group risk policies to just under 13 million.

The number of members with long-term disability income policies increased by 2.2% last year, while lump sum death-in-service polices also grew, by 4.7%.

It also found:

  • Excepted group life policy membership increased by 27.2% between 2017-18, to nearly one million people
  • Membership of dependents’ death-in-service policies fell by 29.7%, from 354,578 in 2017 to 249,058 in 2018
  • Employer-sponsored critical illness policies increased by 4.8%, rising from 571,848 in 2017 to 599,023 in 2018