Survey: Employee Outlook: Focus on employee attitudes to pay and pensions

The CIPD’s ninth annual survey of employee attitudes to pay and pensions has been published. The study of more than 1,600 working adults gives a representation of the UK workforce in relation to sector, size and industry type.

Key findings:

  • Despite economic growth in 2016, only slightly more employees got a pay increase in 2016 (53%) than did in 2015 (51%).
  • Among those who got a pay rise, the typical (median) size was 2%. The average (mean) increase was 3.52% and was higher in the private sector (3.81%).
  • Among those who received a pay rise, the net satisfaction score was +37 in 2016, down on the +42 recorded in 2015. The main reasons for dissatisfaction with salary increases were: it had not kept pace with the cost of living (56%), it didn’t reflect how well they had performed at work (23%) and their pay was below what they could get elsewhere for doing the same job (19%).

The survey also considers bonuses, pensions and retirement and employees’ living standards.