Survey: Reward Management

The latest UK reward management survey from the CIPD focuses on pay, and provides a benchmarking and information resource on current and emerging practice in UK reward management.

Key findings

  • Most employers use a pay structure to organise base pay, with individual spot rates/salaries, narrow grade pay structures and salary increments being most common. Pay progression along these grades is typically aligned to individual performance, competencies and skills.  
  • There is a long-term decline in the use of performance-related variable and non-variable reward schemes, with only 44% of employers reporting their use in 2019 (down from 65% in 2012).  
  • 60% of organisations claim to talk about the fairness of pay processes and outcomes, while only 10% of staff report their line manager talking about such matters. 
  • There is a disconnect between people professionals’ and workers’ views on pay fairness. While 75% of HR respondents think all (or the majority of) people in their organisation are paid fairly, only 33% of workers believe this is the case.

The report offers a series of recommendations to make sure pay practices are fair and to improve the perceived fairness of pay policies.