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06 Nov 2023

Top 8 reasons why education motivates employee benefits use

With benefits uptake an ongoing challenge for reward leaders, the more they can do to encourage employee engagement, the better

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Education plays a crucial role in increasing benefit use, whether those benefits are related to finances, healthcare, social programmes or otherwise.

The truth is benefits uptake is an ongoing challenge for global reward leaders and there could be several barriers stopping employees from engaging. And to add to the barriers, employees across the world don’t always understand the value of each benefit in their compensation programme.

Here are the top 8 reasons why education motivates employee benefit use.

1. Awareness

Education provides employees with simple, straightforward knowledge and information about the benefits available. Benefit awareness is essential for people to know what resources and services are at their disposal.

2. Understanding

Education helps people understand the nuances associated with their employee benefits. This knowledge enables them to deepen their understanding of how the benefit will support their needs and the overall value of the benefit.

3. Financial literacy

Education improves financial literacy by supporting people to manage their finances effectively and make informed decisions like using benefits that are right for their circumstances i.e. welfare or employee assistance programmes.

4. Health competency

Education contributes to health competency, which is key for employees to fully understand the details of healthcare benefits. Employees who are educated about their benefits are better equipped to make informed healthcare decisions and access medical services.

5. Personalisation

Education empowers people to understand the benefit and how it fits within their unique circumstances for them and their loved ones.

6. Empowerment

Education fosters a sense of empowerment, which can motivate individuals to seek out and use available benefits to improve their quality of life.

7. Resource

Education brings the business more efficiency when it comes to team resources because when employees better understand their benefits, they are less likely to rely on your team for benefit information.

8. Future-proofing

Educating employees on their benefits encourages people to think long-term, like accessing benefits that support retirement, home ownership or investing.

Education is fundamental in motivating employees to fully use their benefits. It empowers people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to access and make the most of their benefits programme, ultimately contributing to their overall wellbeing, which in turn makes investment in benefits worthwhile.

To find out how to drive awareness, understanding and action on benefits through education read Nudge’s latest ebook - Global benefits edu-action.

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