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15 Nov 2023
by Anna Scott

Aegon research: Our insight into the nation’s financial wellbeing 2023

This executive summary of Aegon’s Financial Wellbeing Index provides employers with tips on how to support their employees

The research offers a snapshot of the UK’s financial wellbeing, garnered by asking more than 10,000 UK residents a series of questions to better understand their relationship with money.

Aegon’s Financial Wellbeing Index scores people based on their answers and shows what opportunities there are to improve their financial wellbeing. 

The scores are then used to categorise people into mindsets. For example, ‘the wealth accumulator’ has a high level of wealth but might not have spent the time thinking ‘what’s it all for’. And the ‘all-rounder’ is very financially comfortable and can enjoy life now whilst planning for the future.

Key findings

  • 32% of the population of the UK has experienced some sort of financial trouble in the past two years
  • 51% of people couldn’t live on their emergency savings for more than three months
  • 58% of people with debt have seen the amount they owe affected by the increased cost of living

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