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31 May 2022

Are you ready for a move to a DC Master Trust?

The 10 key questions employers need to think about when considering moving to a Master Trust pension arrangement

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With the financial outlook looking uncertain, employers have crucial items at the top of their board agenda, so it’s OK if moving your pension scheme to a Master Trust isn’t top priority. But how can you make sure you’re ready for the move when the time is right? 

Here are 10 simple questions (and key considerations) to think about now to plan ahead:

  1. Is your scheme membership data complete and accurate?
  2. Have you identified any potential legal hurdles to overcome as part of a transfer to a Master Trust?
  3. Is your investment arrangement aligned well for a transition to a Master Trust?
  4. Are you clear on what your members want from their pension scheme?
  5. Have you agreed an optimal price to trigger a move to a Master Trust?
  6. Have you carried out analysis to determine the cost of delaying a move to a Master Trust?
  7. Have you simplified your current processes?
  8. Would an at-retirement Master Trust solution be attractive to your members?
  9. Are you thinking of making changes to your workforce or contribution levels?
  10. Have you considered your DB section endgame strategy alongside your DC section move to a Master Trust?

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