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03 Feb 2023

Free cancer toolkit could help employees spot symptoms earlier

Bupa offers resources for employers to support workers and increase awareness of the disease

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Recent research by University College London reveals that one-third of UK cancer cases are detected in  hospital emergency departments, by which time the disease may be incurable.

It’s a shocking statistic and one that Bupa wants to change. Fortunately, the more everyone knows about cancer, the better the chances of a happier outcome.

Recognising and reporting cancer early – well before it presents as a health emergency – dramatically increases the changes of successful treatment.

By understanding the symptoms to look out for, checking regularly and seeking expert advice from a health insurance provider or GP as soon as you spot anything, you can secure the best possible outcome.

How this affects your business

Half of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lives. So, it’s likely that you’ll have members of your team who have or will be directly affected by cancer. As an employer it’s vitally important that you continue to raise cancer awareness. You should also try to encourage employees to understand and spot the symptoms and seek potentially life-saving treatment straight away.

Bupa’s downloadable World Cancer Day toolkit will help increase recognition of cancer symptoms in your workplace. Here you’ll find resources that offer:

  • Support and guidance for line managers to discuss cancer-related topics with team members
  • Advice and support resources that you can tailor to your team
  • A factsheet explaining how Bupa can help and support your business
  • A digital promotion screen about cancer to display in your workplace
  • Videos, case studies and articles that you can share with your team

More about cancer, including information about how it affects mental health, is available from the Bupa website. You can also access information and support from charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK.

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