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23 Nov 2023

Craig Cowdrey of Sonder: What an unstable world means for the future of employee personal safety

Craig Cowdrey, Co-Founder and CEO at Sonder, speaks at the REBA Future Forum 2023.

This 20-minute video from REBA’s Future Forum considers the issue of permacrisis and what an unstable world means for the future of employee personal safety.

From frontline workers to professional services, mobile workers to lone workers, increasing global uncertainty combined with rising cost of living and other societal challenges is driving an increase in customer aggression, street crime and general safety-related anxiety.

This is fuelling a change in workforce expectations, with 84% of employees expecting their employer to support their personal safety. This session helps viewers to understand more about:

  • how an increasingly unstable world is changing employee expectations around personal safety
  • why we must go back to basics: supporting employee safety and physical wellbeing as a core pillar of wellbeing, productivity and risk management
  • what Sonder has learnt from 3,000,000 safety engagements
  • practical examples of leading organisations using technology to support the personal safety of their people.

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