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25 Aug 2022
by Elizabeth Howlett

Direct Line moving away from dirty diesel with EV scheme

Having relaunched its EV salary sacrifice scheme in December 2021 and made it available to the entire company, rather than a ring fenced population of employees, Ian Davis, head of payroll at Direct Line explained how it boosted its ESG agenda.

Ian Davis direct line.jpg


“Most companies are hot on ESG and environmental goals, so having a scheme that enables employees to get into an EV earlier than they would have done without the scheme is positive,” explained Davis, who said the initial engagement was very good.

Davis, who said he had many discussions with members on REBALink about EV schemes and was always ready to give advice to tentative reward and benefit professionals, said: “Obviously there’s good savings for employees and the organisation so it’s helped people navigate the road from a typical internal combustion engine to an EV. The government has been clear that after 2030 there will be no new ICE vehicles on the market, so we felt it would give our employees the opportunity to start that journey as electric cars come across the board.”

Direct Line is also in the process of installing charge points at its offices so employees using the scheme can charge without any cost. “We want to encourage people,” he said. “The business is very much about sustainability and we want to do what we can to move a number of our employees away from dirty diesel to a nice clean EV. “We are doing our bit and it helps the bones of the business to be more sustainable and have a positive impact on the environment.”


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