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22 May 2018
by Liz Morrell

Employee Wellbeing Research 2018: Financial wellbeing programmes set for huge growth this year

Organisations are increasingly realising the impact of financial wellbeing and introducing programmes that address it as a result, with huge growth expected this year alone.




The Employee Wellbeing Research 2018 published by Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA) in association with Punter Southall Health & Protection, showed that more than half (52%) of employers currently include financial wellness within their wellbeing strategy and nearly a third (31%) plan to add it this year. If that were to happen we would see a 76.6% growth in financial wellbeing porgrammes over 2018.

A further 10% said they planned to introduce financial wellbeing at some point. Only 7% said that they had no plans to introduce such a strategy. 

“Financial concerns have been proven to have a huge impact on employees. affecting mental health and productivity if staff are worrying about money,” said Debi O’Donovan, director at the Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA).

“The number of those addressing financial wellness has already grown – up from 47% last year and the projected further growth this year is hugely encouraging as employers realise the true impact money stresses can have on their staff,” she said.

“As a result we are seeing increasing numbers of employers looking to offer support in this area – with access to financial advice a particularly valuable strategy,” she said.

Download a copy of the 88 page Employee Wellbeing Research 2018 (free to REBA Professional Members and all those working for REBA Associate Members).

If you would like to learn more about employee wellbeing, register here to attend the Third Annual Employee Wellbeing Congress on 5 July 2018.

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