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20 Jan 2023

How to achieve work-life balance and high productivity

The key to achieving work-life balance and high productivity among employees is to remove barriers

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With the labour market still tight due to skills shortages, employers compete over the attractiveness of the employee experience. Yet, with rising costs, productivity is at a premium, so how do we ensure that what we do to engage and support our people also helps them perform at their best? And in uncertain times, how do we ensure employees feel valued and motivated?

Sign up to our first HR Review partnered webinar of 2023, taking place on 9th February 2023 at 11:00am. Hear insights into how the best employers empower their people and support family life in its widest sense.

Join this lively conversation, as we discuss:

  • What do the best employers actually do to achieve work-life balance and productivity
  • How should the experience be personalised to different employees’ lives and needs?
  • Gain insights on families’ expectation from the just-published 2023 Modern Families Index

The webinar panel includes:

  • Chair: James Marsh, L&D Manager, The Guardian and former Editor of HRreview
  • Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons
  • Tracey Ismay, HR Partner, Swiss Re

More speakers to be announced soon, register to attend.

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