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07 Jul 2023
by Ruth Thomas

How to ensure you remain compliant as EU pay transparency becomes standard

The EU Pay Transparency Directive is likely to be just the first of similar legislation. How can companies ensure they stay ahead?

The recent passing of the EU Pay Transparency Directive by the European Parliament will add a new layer of complexity to global reporting and compliance. 

Other legislators around the world are paying attention to this new directive and we believe this will come to be considered the new ‘standard’ for pay transparency and equity. 

This means that even if your organisation is not based in the EU, your national or local governments could begin to adopt similar types of legislation.

Payscale’s chief product evangelist, Ruth Thomas and senior corporate attorney- employment, Lulu Seikaly, discuss emerging global pay transparency legislation and best practices for remaining compliant. In this session, they:

  • provide an overview of the directive requirements
  • consider the impact of the directive on global legislation
  • discuss how to keep your organisation compliant and stay ahead of this new legislation.


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