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28 Jun 2022

If not now, when? The urgent need for impartial financial education

Tim Perkins, Co-Founder of nudge speaks at the Employee Wellbeing Congress 2022.

This 20-minute video from the Employee Wellbeing Congress asks: If not now, when? The urgent need for impartial financial education.

In this crazy world of inflation, stock market chaos and impending recession, your people are anxious and desperate for help. They’re also expecting pay rises you can’t afford, so job-seeking is in record numbers. But all is not lost – nudge’s ground-breaking new research shows how workplace financial education will improve financial wellbeing, engagement and retention and can be used globally.

Watch Tim Perkins, Co-founder of nudge to learn:

  • How the changing world of personal finance is impacting your people
  • How impartial financial education improves financial wellbeing
  • How a successful programme will boost engagement and reduce attrition.

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