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Occupational Health: the value proposition

This report from The Society of Occupational Medicine brings together the evidence from scientific and wider literature to demonstrate that there is a rounded business case for investment in occupational health services based on wide-ranging and sometimes intangible factors. 

Research supports the proposition that investments in occupational health add value through reduced costs associated with the prevention of ill health, improved productivity and a range of intangible benefits. Consequently, this report from The Society of Occupational Medicine aims to define the value proposition of occupational health beyond the mere financial return on investment.

The business case for occupational health should reflect the three key factors that motivate employers to provide access to occupational health services: 

  • legal – to comply with health and safety laws and regulations 
  • moral – it is the right / ethical / socially responsible thing to do 
  • financial – to reduce costs or add value to the business.

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