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23 Nov 2023

Phil Williams of BI WORLDWIDE: Why and how recognition strategies are driving performance, inclusion and connection

Phil Williams, Head of Employee Programmes at BI WORLDWIDE, speaks at the REBA Future Forum 2023.

This 20-minute video from REBA’s Future Forum considers why and how recognition strategies and insights are driving performance, inclusion and connection.

Amid a workplace revolution, people still fundamentally value recognition and meaningful work. They want to be heard. They want a clear direction. But there are also clear shifts in what today’s workers value; diversity, equity and inclusion have become central to both culture and business results. So, in a new age for reward and recognition, how can HR leaders open up the opportunities that engagement strategies offer to enlighten and inspire?

Using real employer stories and our global 2023 Rules of Engagement research, this session shares:

  • Key people insights that recognition data can provide for our HR leaders around subjects such as Inclusion & Belonging, Hybrid and Remote Working, and Burnout and Healthy Working Cultures
  • How organisations are driving change in areas such as ESG, Equity & Inclusion and Employee Reskilling by aligning and evolving their recognition strategies and tools.

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